Could Sarah Palin join the Donald Trump ticket? (6)

Sarah Palin refuses to rule out another tilt at becoming vice president

She is perhaps best known for the gaffes: describing North Korea as an ally of America, referring to Afghanistan as a neighbour, and failing to name a single newspaper that she reads.

But could Sarah Palin be about to return to the political fray as Donald Trump’s running mate?

The pair have lavished praise on each other in recent weeks as Mr Trump goes from strength to strength in the race to be the Republican presidential candidate.

On Thursday night it was the former Alaska governor’s turn to defend the Trump campaign against frequent criticisms of offensive language and grandstanding.

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Afternoon Update August 30th, 2015 (10)


#1 — CBC | Nunavut’s food crisis is becoming an election issue

With sky-high grocery prices and increasing costs associated with hunting, it’s not uncommon to hear stories of Nunavummiut concerned about their next meal. There are even accounts of people foraging in local landfills for food. Consider this: two litres of orange juice can cost $26. 5 kilograms of flour? $25. And a case of bottled water can be over $100. To put that into context, the median income for the Inuit in Nunavut was just under $20,000 last year.


#2 — CNews | Florida man charged in sexual assaults dating back four decades

BRIDGEWATER, N.S. — RCMP in Nova Scotia have laid several charges against a 61-year-old man in connection with sexual assaults dating back four decades.


#3 — CTV | Judge says woman should have accepted Pickton brother’s settlement offer

VANCOUVER — A jury was right to reject a woman’s claim that her life was ruined after a sexual assault by the brother of serial killer Robert Pickton, says a judge who awarded her no costs at trial.


#4 — Global | Argentinian ballet dancer wakes from coma after rollerblading accident in B.C.

VANCOUVER – A promising young Argentinian ballerina is practicing dance moves in her bed just two weeks after suffering a severe head injury in British Columbia.


#5 — Postmedia | Harper should take a break from campaign to help jailed Canadian Fahmy: NDP, Liberals

MONTREAL – Stephen Harper’s political opponents are calling on the prime minister to take time off the campaign trail and concentrate on securing the release of jailed Canadian journalist Mohammed Fahmy.



#6 — BBC | Migrant crisis: Syrian children disappear from Austrian hospital

Police in Austria say three Syrian children and their families who were rescued from a minivan containing 26 migrants have disappeared from the hospital where they were being treated.


#7 — CNS | Obama: ‘…As We Push Our Economy and the World to Ultimately Transition Off Fossil Fuels’

( – President Barack Obama said in his weekly address today that four villages in Alaska are in “imminent danger” because of climate change and that safety will be his administration’s top consideration in permitting offshore oil and gas drilling “as we push our economy and the world to ultimately transition off of fossil fuels.”


#8 — Fox | Sanders gains on Clinton in latest Iowa poll

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is continuing to gain on Hillary Clinton in Iowa, and is now within 7 points of the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential race, according to a newly released poll.


#9 — DM | Asylum in open door UK hits a 10 year high

The number of people claiming asylum in the UK reached its highest level for a decade – even before thousands more arrived in Calais hoping to cross the border.


#10 — WT | Chris Christie says immigrants should be tracked like FedEx packages

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie on Saturday pitched an interesting idea for how to keep tabs on immigrants and visitors to the U.S.: track them like FedEx packages.


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Martin: If the EU referendum is about our borders, David Cameron and the In campaign could be in real trouble (10)

Across Europe’s southern border this summer, a catastrophe has been taking place. In Hungary, the UN describes the authorities as being unable to cope with thousands of desperate refugees arriving through Serbia. Men, women and young children, from countries such as Syria, are seeking to move westwards to prosperous Germany, Sweden and Britain. For now, they are kept in holding camps, where food, water and shelter are in short supply. An official on the ground told a Telegraph reporter last week: “This is just unacceptable. You have people collapsing at the door of Europe without receiving any help.”

Several hundred miles away, by the side of a road in Austria, 71 people, believed to be Syrian, were beyond help. The bodies of the dead were found in a refrigerated food lorry. Among them were four children, three of them aged between eight and 10 years old. The safe passage for which their parents paid the traffickers turned out to come with a death sentence thrown in.


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Cup of Coffee Can Lower Golf Score, Study Finds

A moderate dose of caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee may help combat fatigue and shave about two strokes off the scores of skilled collegiate players, according to a small study.

“There’s not a lot of caffeine research in golf,” said lead author Petey W. Mumford of Auburn University in Alabama. Most studies focus on endurance sports.

Professional golfers may walk up to five miles over four hours for a round of golf, which is physical activity, though not intense exercise, said senior author Dr. Kaelin C. Young of the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, also on the Auburn campus.


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‘Black Lives Matter’ Calls for ‘Fryin Pigs’ at Minnesota State Fair

Several hundred protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement marched to the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday to bring attention to race issues ranging from policing to underrepresentation of minorities at one of the nation’s biggest state fairs.

According to several media reports, and a video placed online, the group called out “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” using the age-old slur for police.

The march occurred on day after a sheriff’s deputy outside of Houston, Texas was murdered while pumping gas into his squad car. Harris County deputy Darren Goforth, in uniform, was pumping gas into his patrol car on Friday night when the gunman approached from behind and fired several shots, sheriff’s officials said. No motive has been reported.


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Furey: NDP far-left could attack Mulcair anytime

New Democratic Party Leader Tom Mulcair might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, politically speaking. Not for the country at large though. But for the NDP faithful.

Polls show the NDP could form the next government and one even pegs the party with a majority.

But this has largely been accomplished by the supposedly left-wing party selling itself by not appearing very NDP-ish.

On Wednesday the NDP leader said he was “not entertaining any thought” of running a deficit. He also recently committed $250 million to put 2,500 more police officers on the street.

And while Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is “taxing the rich” by creating a new bracket on incomes over $200,000, Mulcair is doing no such thing.

This spells trouble for a number of reasons.


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Gunter: Nomination meddling shows Trudeau a control freak

Last Sunday, Grace Batchoun lost the Liberal nomination in the Montreal riding of Ahuntsic-Cartierville. Nothing remarkable there, in this election cycle hundreds of people have already lost Liberal (and Tory and NDP) nominations.

But Batchoun’s loss may not be that straightforward. She seems to be yet another victim of nomination meddling by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

Despite Trudeau making a huge deal about allowing “open nominations” in all 338 ridings across the country – “letting local Liberals choose who is going to be their candidate” – Trudeau and his advisors have intervened in more local nomination contests than even former Prime Minister Jean Chretien, who was the previous record holder.

Batchoun lost to Mélanie Joly, a darling candidate of Mr. Trudeau’s.


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Patrick Brown touts Simcoe County bona fides in crucial byelection battle

ORILLIA—The last time an Ontario Progressive Conservative leader ran in a byelection, he lost and quit provincial politics the next day.

Patrick Brown, the former MP for nearby Barrie who won the PC job in May, is running hard in Thursday’s Simcoe North vote to avoid the same fate as John Tory, now mayor of Toronto.

Brown brushes aside comparisons, saying he enjoys family and personal ties that Tory didn’t for his 2009 quest in a neighbouring cottage-country seat also considered safe Conservative territory.

“Everyone knows I’m a Simcoe County guy. My aunts, my uncles, my parents live in the riding,” Brown boasts while knocking on doors in a posh enclave of lakefront homes near Highway 11’s busy gasoline alley.


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Moran: IRS Ordered to Turn Over any Docs Showing White House Request for Taxpayer Info

A federal judge ordered the IRS to turn over any documents that indicated White House requests for private taxpayer information.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson issued the order, eliminating the IRS argument that they couldn’t comply because taxpayer information is private.


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