Obama to Press 'Blue Dog' Dems on Health Care (5)

bananas_thumbPresident Obama has invited a small group of fiscally-conscious House Democrats — known as the “Blue Dogs” — to the White House Tuesday morning in an effort to win their support for his controversial health care reform package, FOX News has learned.

“We’re just not there yet,” said Rep. Baron Hill, D-Ind., one of the lawmakers invited to the session with Mr. Obama. “We’re getting there.”

When asked what the main concern was, Hill responded, “Time.”

Hill is a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, a key panel struggling to approve a health reform bill. Many conservative Democrats on the committee are already shell-shocked from criticism they’ve heard for voting for a climate and energy bill in June. Many of those lawmakers are reluctant to take a tough vote again.

Hill’s rural, southwest Indiana district is a case study in the red-blue divide.


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  • UV

    Actually, I saw a report recently on CTV that more Canadian  Doctors are returning from the states than going down.  How do y0u say  malpractice in the U.S. = $

  • Cynapse

    Obviously it will if 1/4 or 1/3 of patients drop off the list due to not having a spare $20,000 lying around.

  • Philanthropist

    When our doctors escape socialism they flee to the US, where will their doctors go?  Perhaps if we privatize quickly enough our doctor shortage and waiting list problems could be solved!

  • Cynapse

    If the left economically loses in the long run (highly debatable – if the various generations of good ol boys always got their way we’d still be under feudalism or monarchy) then the right always loses on social issues.  The only general trend over the years is towards freedom of the individual, though that may temporarily recede as the economy worsens.

  • nomdeblog

    Yes it takes 2 to tango, so this mess is not just about Obama. Which is similar to the argument Terry Corcoran makes today.

    Interestingly Terry is a bit kind to Miller, and puts most of the blame on the union leaders  … I would say it is 50/50 …they are co-dependant. Just as the utopian left and a pop star like Obama are co-dependant for survival, Just like parasites need a host.
    But the good news is what American Thinker says: Leftism is self-destructive. It is an economic parasite that, if unchecked, kills its host, as it did to the Soviet Union. ( So CUPE will finish off Miller etc.)
    It will be fun to see if Sarah Palin is just a pop star of the right or if she also has quality product to market.

  • http://www.jacksnewswatch.com Jack

    It’s not all Obama’s fault.  Here’s a good part of the reason he’s where he is.  Read it and weep.

  • nomdeblog

    “Successful failures on the other hand …”

    Good one Cynapse

    TooChez , as they say in French  …  :>)

  • Cynapse

    This is the one instance in which I hope he fails.  An economy-bankrupting healthcare initiative that few people understand would be a hell of a bad legacy to drag around with you.  Waterloo?  Hardly – most people forget aborted attempts by the time the next scandal breaks.  Successful failures on the other hand …

  • Don

    Drudge is just reporting that “The Great One” has just admitted that he is not familiar with the house bill and further a key house committee has postponed voting, indefinitely,  on health care reform legislation. Now “The Great One” is going to meet with the fiscally conservative Democrats on the committee presumably to try to persuade them that, as usual, he is right.

    My betting is that he will not be successful and will back down and use the fact that, he is not familiar with the house bill and that, until he is,  he will stop insisting on a quick resolution to this stalemate. In the meantime he will lobby incessantly and doubtless exert some under the table pressure to jam this bill through. He must be sweating bullets right now.

    The man is a charlatan, he knows full well what is in the bill, and has to come up with an excuse as to why even his own party will not proceed on his ridiculous timetable and ill conceived plan.

  • nomdeblog

    Obama is going to read the news to the Blue Dogs the way Cronkite did… “that’s the way it is”.
    But thankfully we no longer live in a world of  3 authoritarian evening news outlets. We have other sources, the internet, FOX cable, and talk radio. So Cronkite could not lie again and get away with it.
    Therefore the Blue Dogs will have a choice, they can let Obama “press” them or their constituents will “press” them to be fiscally responsible if they want to get re-elected.
    As the WSJ article says:
    This week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce opens a campaign that, an official said, will target lawmakers in a half dozen states and cost “a couple of million” dollars. “The government already gets the shirt off your back,” reads one print ad that features a bare-legged man covering himself with a briefcase. “If Congress passes new tax reforms, then hold on to your pants!”