Ball: IPCC And CRU Are The Same Corrupt Organization (8)

Cost of the corruption of climate science by the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) is likely a trillion dollars already and there is no measure of the lives lost because of unnecessary reactions like biofuels affecting food supplies. Stories appear about the corruption at the IPCC and others about the leaked emails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU). Most people, including the media, don’t seem to realize the IPCC is the CRU. Some articles mention both but don’t make the connection. A recent article in the Globe and Mail is a good example.

The article is a small shift because the Globe has consistently promoted human caused warming and attacked skeptics. However, failure to make the connection allows people involved to develop defenses, withdraw from associations or go into hiding.

A Very Large Cast

Universities and governments are already whitewashing the behavior of prominent individuals like Phil Jones and Michael Mann. Nobody else involved with the scandal is facing even biased internal investigation. Many are not mentioned in the limited media reports on the scandal. People like Mike Hulme, Tom Wigley, Benjamin Santer, Kevin Trenberth, Keith Briffa, Malcolm Hughes, Raymond Bradley, John Holdren, Jonathan Overpeck, Caspar Amman, Michael Oppenheimer, Tom Crowley, Gavin Schmidt, William Connolley, Tim Osborn, Thomas Karl, Andrew Weaver, Eric Steig, and all names on the CRU emails require investigation. They had to know what was going on, partly because they all used the same vehicles of attack and deception. By investigating only two individuals the collective culpability of the CRU and the IPCC goes unchallenged. Investigation of two individuals underscores the false claim there are one or two “bad apples” but the overall science is unaffected. The IPCC received a Nobel Prize collectively; they must bear the blame collectively.


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2:25 pm EST, February 8th, 2010 — Africa-Gate? U.N. Fears of Food Shortages Questioned

2:29 pm EST, February 8th, 2010 — Dutch Point Out New Mistakes in U.N. Climate Report

3:39 pm EST, February 8th, 2010 — Obama Proposes New Global Warming Agency


Pay attention to the the 3:39 pm link and the name Thomas Karl, who also figures in Tim’s article.

“The new agency will initially be led by Thomas Karl, director of the current National Climatic Data Center. The Climate Service will be headquartered in Washington and will have six regional directors across the country.”

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  • Mac

    Good point, Don. I’m guessing they’re working on the next chapter of the scam…

  • Don

    Am I missing something or have Gore and Suzuki been awfully quiet since this latest furor has arisen?

  • Mac

    The IPCC were certainly prepared to accept the glory collectively. Let us see how well they accept the taint and guilt for the malfeasance…

  • rob misek

    Justice doesn’t interest lawyers, there’s no money in it.

  • Wayne

    Tim has stated the obvious. Great post.

  • Wayne

    Where are all the greedy, money grubbing, ambulance chasing lawyers when you need them?Are there no lawyers that would take on a class action suit against these thieves? They have done far more harm and cost much more than smoking, vehicle defects and prescription drug reactions all put together.