MPs childish antics

Stephen Harper has toiled for years to position himself as Mr. Main Street. His ministers spend more time at Tim’s than they do in the House of Commons. They’ve gotten a little nauseating with the coffee shop shtick, in fact.

There’s something else the Conservatives could do if they’re serious about becoming the party of hard-working, law-abiding Canadians. It’s something every aspiring politician talks about — before he or she gets to Ottawa. It’s something they all know they should do, deep down. But they don’t.

Remember kindergarten? I do. My teacher was a nun. She was a tall, thin and very stern young woman. She was terrifying and pitiless and carried a long wooden pointer. She never hit us with it, but she often seemed like she was about to.

She told me and my classmates, day one: When I speak, you listen. When someone else speaks, do not interrupt. If you wish to speak, raise your hand. To do otherwise is rude and will not be tolerated.

By the time we reached high school, it was second nature. We messed up, sure. But we all knew the rules and respected them, most of the time. See where I’m headed with this?


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