Graves must be fired (1)

Frank Graves is the president of a polling company called Ekos Research.

Graves is a partisan Liberal, having personally donated more than $11,000 to that party over the past decade.

But it has paid off handsomely for Graves. When the Liberals were last in power, they steered more than $61 million in government contracts to Ekos — literally 1,600 contracts.

For every dollar Graves gave the Liberals, they gave $6,000 to his company.

That would probably be enough to make me a Liberal, too.

And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with being a Liberal partisan (although, of course, there was something terribly wrong with the way the Liberals handed out their public opinion contracts under the Liberals — it was positively criminal, in fact.)

But the Liberals aren’t in power any more and their bureaucrat who doled out the polling contracts, Chuck Guite, went to jail. I’d bet that Ekos’s government contracts have fallen precipitously.

So Graves keeps busy by, amongst other things, being CBC’s pollster of record.



Federal Tories question CBC’s impartiality

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  • cantuc

    I think that politics is like a lot of sports . If you believe your team is going to win you are a lot more likely to go to their games and possibly buy a hat or a sweater withh a team logo on it . The same goes for political parties . If you see a poll that says one party is leading , you may be more inclined to donate to , or vote for that party to be on the winning side . I think polls should be illegal , once an election is called as they can influence certain types of people .

  • Rhoda

    It’s obvious that Tom Clark on PP couldn’t have listened to the Graves’ interview but should set down to reading a transcript of it as we all should. Clark opined that possibily the gun registry issue is the ideological top dog issue now. CTV minimizing the EKOS poll’s executive’s questionable agenda. Switcherooees hour by hour.

    I see the main priority as the taxation plans, particularly here in Ontario and soon to spread as of course the main obstructive course to Canadian economic recovery.

    The detailed NP article is pointing out the constitutionality of Ontario’s energy tax initiatives — taxation without representation as McGuinty’s gov’t slammed it through without public consultation.

    I can’t help but think that the sex ed curriculum issued to divert from the destructive tax takes to come. Crushing taxation and like the VAT proposal in the U.S. it’s going to mean a 70 percent paycheque tax take and no less. Reports in the States are referencing that level. That is totally insane.

    On the table at the G-20 meet. We can only hope.

  • Jack

    Watch the sidebar video re: this situation.  I just posted it.

  • MaryT

    Ezra was on fire on P & P today. Considering he was 2 against 1, plus Evan, he got his message out. Who is that Ian guy from the NDP.

  • Jack

    Old, old saying:

    Act surprised, show concern, deny everything.”

    My thoughts:

    If Jaffer thinks he has a problem he ain’t seen nothing yet. This story has long legs.

  • dlm

    Reform, Alliance and CPC have consistently out performed the poles. Is there such a thing as wishful polling? John Diefenbacker said,”Dogs know what to do with poles.”
    I try to catch CBC news once a day because it is good to know what the sheeple have been fed and what your enemy wants you to think.
    Is there anyone above the level of janitor at CBC who should not be fired or better yet charged with sedition?
    I’m with Joe. #6

  • Rhoda

    Until btdt’s explanation re the gun registry’s existingpolitical tensions between the police association and its serving members, focus on the cost overruns on the program, originally at $1 million dollars (I think), but ballooned to $1 billion, was the highlighted issue. The gov’t has to do a better job along with the police association of explaining its usefulness. Responsible gun owners have a legitimate platform which again it seems political leadership is dismissing to their detriment. The billion dollar program benefits exactly whom, again at the taxpayers’ expense? Business interests are obviously involved here and are they justified?

  • robins111

    Last year the firearms communiy was outraged by the release of personal information of the firearms owners for a customer satisfaction survey. yup you guessed it EKOS.

    This was after be assured by the Canadian Firearms Center that this info would ‘never’ be released.

  • Rhoda

    Beyond Graves’ print statement advising Ignatieff and party to incite “cultural wars” within Canada as a possible ‘comeback strategy’, is the further stunner. In interview he says to the effect the country is “blueing”, then adds elections are decided on emotional issues rather than reasoned issues. Unfortunately, that hapens to be the LPC’s main problem — not crediting voters with the actual wherewithall to vote for the ‘bread and butter’ issues that will strengthen Canada in the long run. Time for the LPC’s ‘bread and butter’ issues/policies to be scrutinized. Where are they?

    Graves has in fact flaunted the CBC’s own code of conduct and it’s likely he will be dropped from their employ. It does put into question every past EKOS poll. Now, all pollsters will be closely scutinized. In this respect, Graves has inadvertently done Canadian politics a real service — exposing bias in stunning, glaring, undisputed proportions.

  • beentheredonethat

    CBC gone – $1B saved. Long gun registry gone – $1B saved. Political Party Subsidy (political welfare subsidy scheme) gone – $28.6M saved. Anyone care to add to the list?

  • Joe

    Instead of firing Graves why don’t we just sell the CBC to the Liberal Party of Toronto and let them foot the bill? Power Corp would like to get into the broadcasting industry wouldn’t they?

  • MaryT

    CBC head honchos have been saying due to funding cuts they have to make scheduling changes, cut episodes etc. Have they looked at getting rid of paying EKOS and Frankie boy. What does he get paid/poll.

  • ward

    I would like to know exactly how much the CBC has spent with Mr. Graves firm on polling – particularly since the Liberals were removed from power.

  • MaryT

    What ever possessed Graves to tell a reporter he is telling the liberals to start an east/west war to get into power. Those lucrative govt contracts must be swimming in his head.
    Now, whenever Mr Z does/says anything that could be seen as dividing, he will be accused of following Graves advise.
    Every poll he has done for cbc is now suspect. He knows where liberal support is and could just be polling those areas.
    Evan asked for questions for a poll, mine is.
    Should Graves be fired and the cbc have their funding cut by another 50%.

  • beentheredonethat

    “Federal Tories question CBC’s impartiality”

    O.K., that’s a joke…right? They question, so they really don’t know? LOL The CPC has plenty of cash on hand and it’s about time they started spending some of it publicly exposing the CBC for exactly what it represents. Canadians need to be provided with the information to enable them to understand that the CBC no longer serves a useful purpose to Canada. It is a political tool for the left and It needs to be gone. But until Canadians wise up and vote in a majority Conservative government it’ll just more of the same old same old.

  • Fay

    Frank graves donates 11,000 to the Liberals since 2001 and tells Canadians he does not support the Liberal party. Talk about living in a bubble.