Graves must be fired (1)

Frank Graves is the president of a polling company called Ekos Research.

Graves is a partisan Liberal, having personally donated more than $11,000 to that party over the past decade.

But it has paid off handsomely for Graves. When the Liberals were last in power, they steered more than $61 million in government contracts to Ekos — literally 1,600 contracts.

For every dollar Graves gave the Liberals, they gave $6,000 to his company.

That would probably be enough to make me a Liberal, too.

And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with being a Liberal partisan (although, of course, there was something terribly wrong with the way the Liberals handed out their public opinion contracts under the Liberals — it was positively criminal, in fact.)

But the Liberals aren’t in power any more and their bureaucrat who doled out the polling contracts, Chuck Guite, went to jail. I’d bet that Ekos’s government contracts have fallen precipitously.

So Graves keeps busy by, amongst other things, being CBC’s pollster of record.



Federal Tories question CBC’s impartiality

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