Hanson: How Could They Do That in Arizona! (2)

Racist! Nativist! Profiler! Xenophobe!

Write or say anything about illegal immigration, and one should expect to be called all of that and more—even if a strong supporter of legal immigration. Illegal alien becomes undocumented worker. Anti-immigrant replaces anti-illegal-immigration. “Comprehensive” is a euphemism for amnesty. Triangulation abounds. A fiery op-ed grandstands and deplores the Arizona law, but offers no guidance about illegal immigration — and blames the employer for doing something that the ethnic lobby in fact welcomes.

Nevertheless, here it goes from a supporter of legal immigration: how are we to make sense of the current Arizona debate? One should show concern about some elements of the law, but only in the context of the desperation of the citizens of Arizona. And one should show some skepticism concerning mounting liberal anguish, so often expressed by those whose daily lives are completely unaffected by the revolutionary demographic, cultural, and legal transformations occurring in the American Southwest.



2:02 pm EDT, April 28th, 2010 — Gunter: A flawed solution to a serious problem

2:03 pm EDT, April 28th, 2010 — Lawmakers Push Border Security as Reid Steps Back From Immigration Debate

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  • beentheredonethat

    Cy, you’re the one sounding hysterical. Believe this, with the size of the problem Arizona is experiencing calls for assistance will be seriously backlogged in the police que. It is just plain stupid to think that the police have so much time on their hands to play the silly games you refer to. It is imperative that police have the authority they do to stop a motor vehicle. This video is one example of exactly why they do and based on training and experience would want to maybe stop and check out a van ‘going 1 mph over the speed limit’…if it happened to be jam packed with latinos. Call it what you will but the situation is out of control and regaining control is what it is all about.


  • MaryT

    My cousin in AZ is very happy this law was passed. And it will not cause a huge boycott of AZ. Might even increase tourism.

  • http://www.jacksnewswatch.com Jack

    Re: #14 — “The latest hysteria, now that the health care war has been lost.”

    And why would you arrive at that conclusion?

  • Cy

    The “law” has been in place for years and is not being enforced. As Gunter has noted — why would the US not enforce this law while enforcing others?

    What’s the “diff”?

    The latest hysteria, now that the health care war has been lost.

  • Joe

    And in your infinite wisdom (sarc) you would keep those out that do not have a right to be there how? Now if you want to invite all those armed drug smugglers, human traffickers, and provide free health care and education to every Tom Dick and Jose that invades your home then I guess you can. Just don’t expect everyone else to pay the same.

  • http://www.jacksnewswatch.com Jack


    The “law” has been in place for years and is not being enforced.  As Gunter has noted — why would the US not enforce this law while enforcing others?

    What’s the “diff”?

  • Cy

    Joe is full of good advice. Let’s have a look:

    24 E. F. For the purposes of this section:
    25 1. “Family member” means the person’s parent, grandparent, sibling or
    26 any other person who is related to the person by consanguinity or affinity to
    27 the second degree.
    28 2. “Procurement of transportation” means any participation in or
    29 facilitation of transportation and includes:
    30 (a) Providing services that facilitate transportation including travel
    31 arrangement services or money transmission services.
    32 (b) Providing property that facilitates transportation, including a
    33 weapon, a vehicle or other means of transportation or false identification,
    34 or selling, leasing, renting or otherwise making available a drop house as
    35 defined in section 13-2322.


    So let’s put our thinking caps on. Civil traffic laws are easy enough to dupe, which is why DWB (driving while black) even exists. It is no barrier whatsoever. 1 mile over the speed limit is enough to stop someone.
    Look at the second paragraph … If a person stops a vehicle at the side of the road for any reason and 1 or more hispanics get in the vehicle, the cops are 100% in the clear to pull them over and demand ID.
    Now, ostriches, how many times do you stop at the side of the road to let your spouses or childen in or out of the vehicle. Would you like to be stopped and forced to produce ID every time you do it? You complain about invasive airport scans, never mind having to actually carry extra ID around.

    No amount of shouting or name-calling will obscure the fact that this “law” makes it open season for anyone scared of illegal immigration OR changing demographics. The latter is key because if you go to nearly any right-leaning board besides this one, you will see a torrent of anti-Mexican slurs that Joe couldn’t even deny.
    Hopefully it’s not “race-baiting” to notice the obvious.

  • Cy

    If you had bothered to read it, you’d notice that anyone can be stopped with that fabulous grey area called “probable cause” and asked for their papers. Pretend you’re smart and try to imagine how this could be used to intimidate the Hispanic population.

    BTW, there was an Irish mafia. Thanks for illustrating my point perfectly 😉

  • Joe

    I guess you are right Cy. All the blacks in South Africa should have been condemned for their support of apartheid because the whites supported apartheid. All the Irish should have been arrested in New York to eliminate the Mafia.

    Before you make yourself sound even stupider please read the legislation and then investigate what the native Arizonians (including those of Hispanic decent) endure because of illegal aliens.

  • Cy

    Nah just Cy trotting out his racist racism card.

    So to call out racism is racist … If you can’t win the argument, silence it and pretend the problem doesn’t exist. Hence, the successor to the Southern Strategy. New language, same dirty tricks.

    Native born individuals are not required carry little books nor are they restricted in where they can live or relax.

    But they may have to prove several times a week that they belong and as the story above demonstrated, may require more documentation than is regularly carried. But if this is no big deal, like the non-baiting Joe “KKK Cynapse” insists, how about we allow for fully randomized checks for citizenship? Like you said, after all, illegal immigrants have no colour, so how do we know Joe isn’t an illegal from Germany? Please confirm you are ok with this.

  • Joe

    Is that Frankenstein’s Monster I see? Nah just Cy trotting out his racist racism card.

    Earth to race baiters: Immigrant is not a race. Illegal Immigrant is not a race. Native born individuals are not required carry little books nor are they restricted in where they can live or relax.

    If illegal immigrants were flooding our health care system to the point native born are unable to get service, if illegal immigrants were flooding our medicare system so that our taxes was about to sky rocket or else the natural citizens who paid for that system through their taxes won’t get health service, if my child could not get a seat in the class room because an illegal immigrant’s child was in his place, If my taxes was about to sky rocket to pay for the education of illegal immigrant’s children. If my neighbourhood was being shot up by cross border smugglers of drugs and humans, I might want the police to enforce the law against illegal immigration. I might just insist that a law be passed to make sure the police were in fact doing their job.

    I am of the firm belief that a nation like a home has the right to keep invaders out. If a man with a gun walked in off the street and began shooting in the house I would do what I had to do to get him out of the house. If a bunch of people walked into my house and began emptying my fridge I would do what I can to get them out of the house. I really don’t think I would question myself if the people I wanted out of my house spoke a different language or had a different skin colour. I want them out of the house because they were not invited!!!!

  • Undecided Voter

    Right on Cy and I remember the old saying ‘first, they came for the jews…’ So, whose next?

  • Cy

    Maybe the problem starts when you write of people who are tired of paying for the mistakes of others that share 1 superficial similarity and being treated as second class citizens the “perpetually offended”. As though they’re supposed to put up with any amount of crap so some privileged group can feel safe.

    Recipe for disaster, BTDT, no matter how much you assure yourself (among equally privileged people) that there is no problem with this practice. It has NEVER resulted harmoniously. NEVER.

    This is not to say AZ doesn’t have a problem with illegals, but rarely is the solution to a termite problem to dynamite the house.

  • beentheredonethat

    Re: #2. Give it up already. This has got nothing to do with racial profiing. It has everything to do with a certain group of people used to the illegal ‘entitlement’ to violate the law without consequence. Now Arizona is taking away that entitlement. Because the left, their MSM cohorts and now with Obama’s can of gasoline thrown onto the fire they’ve got a hell of a blaze going. A ‘few’ bad apples? lol So the Arizona Governor is justing making it all up about the ballooning crime stats directly attributable to illegal aliens and stating that law abiding citizens are terrified? The legitimate citizens of Arizona have got a legitmate issue with present day victimization.

    Re: #3. Oh you can bet the left and the ‘unbiased’ MSM wet their pants when this guy called. Earth to Cy, overzealous or even at times incompetent police officers violate Canadian citizens rights. The result, the police if found wrong are taken to task for their actions. But isolated violations of our Constitution do not invalidate it. An Arizona police spokesperson had clearly stated that officers will conduct themselves wholly within the confines of the U.S. Constitution. You can bet every dollar you own that the tiny majority of such cases will be highlighted and talked about by the rabid left MSM to the ends of time. They will not be realistically presented as a few they will be presented as out of control rampant racial profiling.

    This scenario might satisfy the perpetually offended. A suspect is a black guy. Any police lineup to help the victim identify him should in all fairness to blacks be of mixed race because fair is fair. A couple of whites, an aboriginal or two, throw in an Asian and squeeze in the black suspect right in the middle just to make it inoffensive to the perpetually offended.

  • Cy

    Get ready for a whole lot more of this:


    Is this what you had in mind, BTDT? Think there won’t be any long-term repercussions?

  • Cy

    Any form of racial profiling amounts to criminalizing the entire population in hopes of catching a few bad apples. The population supporting this tactic may believe it enhances their security but of course treating a sector of the population like criminals is essentially saying “You have no stake in this place”

    BTW, the last time people actively had to have documentation to prove where they were supposed to be was in Apartheid South Africa where one had to carry a little black book – Boers over here, Coloreds over there, etc… There isn’t enough lipstick for this pig … but prove me wrong and provide stories of blondes and Zulu-looking Americans being pulled over to show their ID.

    What you wrote about the TEA parties was absolutely false and you know it. I provided examples not long ago and even some lazy Googling could show strong evidence of racism.

  • beentheredonethat

    How could they do what in Arizona? Enforce the law? Laws that are already on the books but which for years the Federal Government has refused to enforce? Laws which are not anti-immigrant, they are anti-illegal immigrant. Kidnappings in Arizona are reportedly the 2nd highest in the world, murder, rapes are skyrocketing, thefts, identity fraud are largely being perpetrated by illegal immigrants. The citizens of Arizona (and that includes legal immigrants) are living in fear for their safety, often their very lives. For years under both Republican and Democrat governance there has existed a complete reluctance to address these problems by simply enforcing the law. Why? Because they’re all afraid of alienating the latino vote. The Arizona law makes clear that police cannot just stop people walking down the street and ask them to prove who they are and that they are in the country legally. Police there are going to get training on the do’s and dont’s. Basically that training will consist of simply impressing upon them that the protections guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution take precedence, and illigal immigrants fall under that protection just like everybody else. Obama is a constitutional lawyer by ‘profession’, he knows that there is nothing illegal about Arizona’s desperate move to safeguard its streets. He’s not stupid and therefore has got to know that what Arizona is doing is essential to maintain law and order. The bottom line is he cares less about law and order in Arizona than he does in getting votes. But for him better to further divide America, fan the flames of discent and violence, drive that wedge into the country ever deeper to further his personal agenda.

    Another thing, notice how the MSM focused on an almost invisible (were it not for the MSM searchparties dispatched to every rally seeking them out) number of wingnuts showing up at TEA Party rallies. Notice that there is not a single recorded case of violence at any of these rallies, no evidence of racism, no evidence of anti-gay sentiment etc. Nevertheless the MSM and the Democrats couldn’t wait to viciously and endlessly label the entire movement as wingnuts, violent, racisits, anti-gay blah blah blah. Rumor, innuendo and outright lies rated screaming headlines across the nation and around the world. Now look at Arizona where there really are hordes of wingnuts, substantial violence etc clearly being perpetrated by the left and by comparison the MSM ignores it.