Enough Already (2)

Last week, when Iran withdrew its candidacy for a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council, I got messages from a number of folks who were almost sorry to see Iran drop out of the race. That’s not because they like Iran’s regime. It’s because seating Iran on the rotten Human Rights Council would have been an act so grotesque that anyone could grasp the problems with the Council – much as Libya chairing the old Human Rights Commission in 2003 served to discredit that rotten body once and for all.

Well, for all those who were disappointed that Iran’s regime will not become the convenient poster-child for the UN’s travesty of a Human Rights Council, there’s a carnival of cold comfort ahead.

The UN’s Economic and Social Council has just elected Iran to a seat on the UN’s women’s rights commission — formally known as the Commission on the Status of Women. This outfit describes itself on its web site as the UN’s “principal global policy making body” for “gender equality and advancement of women.”



5:27 pm EDT, April 30th, 2010 — U.S. Mum During Iran Vote to U.N. Women’s Commission


Remember Neda as you read this.

I will add something else. The west is in a war with Islam — the “old guys” who will kill at the drop of a hat to maintain control and enrich themselves in muslim countries worldwide.

Neda spoke out against all that and a sniper shot her. Sarah has done well with the song I posted and it speaks for all who believe in freedom. Today the UN made idiots of themselves as they forgot about Neda. I haven’t and I want that useless organization buried. One woman’s death makes the entire situation all to real for me. We can do better and I note Obama supports these thugs.

He makes me puke.

Maybe we should start with snipers of our own and adding to my feeling perhaps the UN is huge joke — worthy of no consideration at all. We’re wasting our money when you consider Halabja and “lefties” trying to ignore the obvious.


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  • http://www.jacksnewswatch.com Jack

    I’ve added a couple of videos and a response to this entry.  I support the lady.

  • http://www.jacksnewswatch.com Jack

    Re: #2 — Cy points out (correctly) that the world needs an organization where we can all keep talking.  However, I do not agree that 3rd world countries (beggars) should continue to set the agenda, which is the case in the UN at this time.

    We need to start thinking about a new organization which gives them a voice but no control over what happens.  In order to have control (a vote) they should be required to earn it by adhering to certain principles.

    In my view our money would be better spent looking for a new format because this one is clearly not working.  Claudia is right to raise this point.

    It’s a good one.

  • dlm

    I think theater would better describe what passes for negotiation at the UN. Obscenely expensive and perverted theater.

  • Cy

    Withdrawing would make no practical difference in terms of alignment and would simply reduce America’s remaining credibility with 3rd world nations. Everyone already knows America’s allegiances, regardless of what those parties do, and not being in the UN means there’s not even a chance for negotiation.

  • beentheredonethat

    Some of us have been advocating for the USA, Canada and other western democracies to withdraw from this corrupt organization for quite sometime. Kick the anti-USA/Israel bunch out of New York. Someday the USA might find the courage to not make it so.