Deadly clashes at sea (Bumped – 11)

Israeli naval commandos stormed a flotilla of civilian aid ships bringing supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip overnight, killing at least 10 people and wounding dozens.

As estimates of the numbers killed in the high seas raid on the Gaza flotilla soared to as many as 19 in the Turkish and Israeli media, Israel’s military censor slapped a ban on any reporting of the toll of dead and injured. Some of the wounded were being ferried to hospitals inside Israel for treatment.

The Israeli army admitted to 10 deaths in the operation — with reports suggesting that nine of those killed were Turkish. The reports prompted a furious reaction in Istanbul where protesters attempted to storm the Israeli consulate.

An Israeli government spokesman said that its troops were attacked with knives and metal pipes as they attempted to board one of the ships from a helicopter. He said that shooting started when one of the civilians made a grab for a soldier’s gun.

A total of ten soldiers were wounded, including at least one hit by live fire, the army said. Two of the dead activists had fired at soldiers with pistols, the army said.



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  • Rhoda

    The corrupt international banksters and the money aid will surprisingly have no impact on the decision to use the nuclear arsenal. Internal corruption in Israel is a large part of the reason its enemies are seemingly making advances. However, think about Nixon in ’67 deploying the airforce virtually within hours in support of Israel’s defence against their ‘neighbours.’

    Israel is its own worst enemy in feeding its death cult neighbours, always biding time. If you do not deal with your intended killers, then you lose for all time. Obama is going to pull a Nixon and nobody’s more aware of it than the Jihadists. His perceived weakness is a ruse at the moment. His marching orders from the Bildebuggers club is to maintain 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Can America and Western culture survive? It can if it gets serious and gives up incremental war games. The nirvana moment is likely upon the West.

    The propaganda in the Invisible Empire documentary is more than interesting. The 130 member club allegedly meets in Spain June 3rd to 6th. The G-8/20 late June and the orders will be on the table. The future war plans will be on those tables and the banksters are in charge. Climate change occurences (naturally occurring btw) can and will disrupt the best laid plans.

  • Cy

    Billions? A bit of an exaggeration. Maybe millions and most of them are centered in the American bible belt. To much of the world, they’re following the same trajectory as Rhodesia, South Africa and Liberia – an ethno-conquest nation in a permanent state of conflict with the local inhabitants. Like the aforementioned states, Israel’s biggest danger is going bankrupt without US foreign aid, as they gobble up nearly 1/3 of it (not bad for a population fo 6 million that has one of the world’s largest economies). The U.S. pays several billion more to Egypt not to strike at Israel and allows itself to be used as a colony to prop of Israeli business. Take all that away and maintaining Israel’s social order becomes as prohibitively expensive as apartheid …

  • Rhoda

    Israel has billions of citizens worldwide in lock step support of their right to exist and right to defend their sliver of sovereign soil.

    They should have blown the flotilla out of the water where the occupants claim it carries items like pamper diapers for children there’s a record of toddler suicide bombers prepared by the radical jihadists (the insane ones on the planet right now) and the loss of Israeli soldiers is regretable and was unnecessary.

    The flotilla should have been sunk plain and simple. Appeasement and citizen protesters supporting the terrorist Hamas Hezbollah Iranian AND Saudi agenda to eliminate the state of Israel IS the problem and the war efforts could be expedited with decisive action.

    Bush and Cheney miscalculated when they went hand in sword and hand in hand with the Saudi royals. However America and Israel will respond more completely as its determined the insanity has gone too far. Finger on the nuclear trigger comes to mind and its prospects of having to be used due to no other alternative is the clear likelihood.

    Israel can’t afford to take the chance that the report of supplies was just that. Sovereignty will supercede world gov’t agendas simply and only because it has to be survival at any cost.

  • Jema54

    My thoughts too, Don. I miss W all the time these days. Why oh why does America have such a strange, unengaged, foreign speaking, foreign thinking, fanatical anti USA seeming, untrustworthy fellow in the office of the President at times like this? Like you batb, I will be watching Fox News for updates.

    Don’t miss Glenn Beck, he has discovered Boob Ray’s ‘Unca Mo’ ; he is doing a job on that seedy piece of Bolshevik trash; something the Canadian msm failed to do – with the notable exception of Western Standard, David Warren and blogs like Jacksnewswatch.

    Millions of people watch Glenn Beck. Unca Mo has had his cover blown sky high! Now Canadians are going to be asking questions….now Canadians are going to be asking questions… why is unca Mo on Allgore’s Chicago Climate carbon exchange company? I am a Canadian, I am asking, the msm is terrified to speak the name of this seedy little shameful human hater.

    My prayers will be for all of us; but especially for PMSH, the Prime Minister of Israel and and all the Israeli people who will not sleep in peace tonight.

  • Don

    This is a gd mess. What in the hell is Israel supposed to do. It certainly appears that they were sucker punched. I think the most upsetting thing is the fact that they are getting absolutely no support from anywhere in the world and you can bet that that waffling S.O.B. south of our border will let them sink.

  • Hynd

    If democracies are not allowed to defend themselves we are all lost.

  • beentheredonethat

    Why was Israeli raider force unprepared for violent resistance?

    Good question. Maybe because these armed, organized, extremely aggressive (especially in the face of highly trained armed troops) Mom and Pop ‘protestors’ were anything but what they make themselves out to be. Who are we to believe was leading the charge somebody the likes of Cindy Sheehan? It was 4am for cripes sakes! What in hell is the entire ship of ‘peaceful civilian protestors’ doing wide awake and on deck? Maybe because amongst this group of ‘peaceful’ protestors (useful idiots) hid a gang of hardened terrorist fighters with their oft used tactic of involving innocent civilians. Maybe because this so-called humanitarian voyage was instead a carefully planned ‘military style’ ambush guaranteed to instantly garner world wide condemnation of Israel to further her enemy’s cause. Some Israeli soldiers weapons were recovered with empty magazines? I wonder if some of the dead were really shot by Israelis? There are an awful lot of questions that need answering before the world goes on it’s usual, er automatic Israeli witch hunt. Oops, too late. The UN and EU are already condemning Israel. At this point in time I call bullshit on this stage(d) show.

  • OSO

    Debka File is usually right. Nobody admits that Debka has an inside track to the Israeli government and/or Mossad but they always seem to be right on with info that other outlets don’t have. To get real insight into the various player in the Mid-east Debka is a must

  • beentheredonethat

    Checking it out, Jack. Thanks.

  • Jack

    For best info I’m following Debkafile, BTDT.  If you go to the site today you will be able to read a number of recent very alarming stories regarding the Middle East.  It’s not an encouraging picture.

  • beentheredonethat

    Without an unbiased investigation (as if that will ever happen anyway) into exactly what happened, the world will latch onto any/all accusations that paint Israel as the bad guys here and of course give the ‘innocent’ protestors a free pass. Although I haven’t done so yet I will be watching FOX for an accurate assessment of this incident, whichever way it goes.

  • WCT

    Is this the match that will ignite the world’s brush fire?