Daley: American politics has caught the British disease (4)

When David Cameron visits the United States this week, he will find a country whose national political argument has become more like our own in Britain than probably he – and certainly I – would ever have imagined. For America has learned, thanks to Barack Obama’s crash course in European-style government, about the titanic force of class differences. The president’s determination to transform the US into a social democracy, complete with a centrally run healthcare programme and a redistributive tax system, has collided rather magnificently with America’s history as a nation of displaced people who were prepared to risk their futures on a bid to be free from the power of the state.

They are talking a lot about this in the US now. Suddenly the phenomenon of class resentment is a live political issue. Some commentators describe it as the Democrats’ “middle-class problem”, which means that there has been a spectacular collapse of support for the administration among the core blue-collar voters who should constitute its base. (This terminology may be confusing: the “middle class” in the US means the skilled working, or lower middle, class. University-educated professionals are described as the “upper middle class” which, in this country, tends to mean a notch or two below titled aristocracy.)


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  • Undecided Voter

    As I said before, changing the government may not change anything until America gets its financial house in order.

    Lets not forget the mess that Obama was handed, a financial crisis not of his doing, two very expensive wars plus a climbing deficit unlike Bush who was handed a government in a surplus situation.

    This is still a country divided and will not be brought to gether with something like the Tea Party and its racist fringe.

    And you can also take that to the bank.

  • http://www.jacksnewswatch.com Jack

    I agree Fern.  As all know I’ve been watching Obama for a long time now and I am not impressed with his leadership.  I compare him to Gordon Brown and find him “wanting”.  November is getting close and contrary to Joe Biden’s predictions I have a feeling that Obama is going to feel the full weight of American anger very shortly.

    I am also not dismissing the idea that he will be impeached at some point before his first term expires.  It would appear to be the normal course of events as America moves forward and away from socialist values.

    America has never been a socialist country and Obama has made a bad mistake in my view in thinking he can make that kind of change overnight.

    That mistake is going to be corrected rapidly.

    You can take it to the bank.

    More Here:


  • http://conservativenewbrunswick.blogspot.com fernstalbert

    This is an excellent analogy.  You have fiefdoms that “elect” family members or favoured courtiers to municipal, state and federal positions.  Its like royalty – no talent but there is the bloodline.  I refer to the Kennedys’, Daley of Chicago, Brown of California, the Bushes (although I like the Bush family), Cuomo of New York etc.  We have the same nonsense in existence in Canada – look at the yearning for Justin Trudeau, – the son of a former PM, therefore qualified. Cheers.