Afternoon Update October 31st, 2010 (20)


#1 — CNews | Three teens killed by Via Rail train

MONTREAL – Three teenagers were struck and killed in by a VIA Rail passenger train in Montreal in early hours of Sunday morning.


#2 — CNews | Toronto house explodes, eight forced to flee

A house explosion in Toronto’s east end late Friday night sent eight people running for their lives.


#3 — CNews | Teens charged after gun pointed at cop

SCARBOROUGH, Ont. – Two teens are facing 37 charges related to guns and drugs after an undercover drug bust led to one teen wrestling with officers and pointing a firearm at them.


#4 — Globe | Ottawa-area businessman found dead in Mexico

An Ottawa-area businessman reported missing by his family during a trip to Mexico has been found dead, the CBC is reporting.


NP | Burned body believed to be Ottawa man missing in Mexico

#5 — Globe | First Nations chiefs want B.C. mines minister to quit over ‘offensive’ comments

The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs is calling for the resignation of B.C.’s minister of state for mining over what the group says were “shockingly offensive” comments.


#6 — NP | B.C. chief rejects payment, slams high salaries

Jack Mussell has some advice for anyone aspiring to lead an aboriginal reserve in Canada: “If you want to become chief, don’t do it for money, do it because you love it.

“The money on reserves doesn’t belong to the chiefs or the band councillors,” he adds, “it belongs to the kids. It should be used for their future.”


#7 — NP | Motion in Ashley Smith case could expand coroner’s inquiry

OTTAWA — An advocacy group for girls and women in the Canadian justice system says it hopes the inquiry into the death of a 19-year-old New Brunswick woman in an Ontario prison cell in 2007 is expanded to cover her odyssey through Canada’s prison system in other provinces as well.


#8 — MG | Motorcyclist clocked at 179 km/h in 60-km/h zone

A 23-year-old Ontario motorcylist was caught speeding at more than 100 kilometres over the limit, police say.


#9 — Star | Forecasters predict a wet Halloween

Snow flurries hit the GTA on Sunday with a possibility of rain for trick or treaters Halloween evening.

“As we get deeper into the day anything that comes down will be sprinkles” — whether it’s snow or rain, says Tom Kines, senior meteorologist for AccuWeather.



#10 — BBC | Dubai bomb was flown on passenger planes

One of the two bombs posted from Yemen last week was transported on two passenger planes before being seized in Dubai, Qatar Airways says.


Fox | White House: Bombs Could Have Detonated in Midair, Terror Threat ‘Ongoing’

#11 — BBC | Rare earths supply deal between Japan and Vietnam

Vietnam has agreed to help supply Japan with rare earths, as Tokyo tries to reduce its dependence on China.


RCP | The Looming Rare Earths Train Wreck

#12 — CNN | Official: Haiti cholera deaths rise above 330 as hurricane approaches

(CNN) — The death toll from a cholera outbreak in Haiti has risen to more than 330, and officials believe Hurricane Tomas may worsen the situation as it approaches, a U.N. spokeswoman said Saturday.


#13 — Fox | Sheriff Joe Cuts Ties With Anti-Immigration Group

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he is cutting ties with an anti-immigration organization after the group reportedly piggybacked on his name to make the claim that grassroots volunteers will be at the polls Tuesday stopping illegal immigrants from trying to vote, MyFoxPhoenix reported Friday.


Fox | Justice Department to Send Election Observers to Arizona as Concern Rises About Illegal Voters

#14 — Fox | Clinton Gets Heckled at Ohio Rally

In a junky yellow car emblazoned with hand painted flames and the word “Failure,” hecklers supporting Republican John Kasich teased Former President Clinton’s stump speech for Ohio Governor Ted Strickland from a parking lot across the street from the open air event.


#15 — DM | Bust-up between Clegg and a senior Lib Dem MP that left a door off its hinges

Nick Clegg was involved in a furious confrontation with a senior Liberal Democrat MP so heated that it left a Commons door hanging off its hinges.


#16 — DM | Police guide to arresting a witch

Usually, police officers take a pretty dim view if they stumble upon anyone who is blindfolded, naked and tied by their hands.

But tonight is Halloween and the boys in blue have been told not to throw the spellbook at gaudy-painted witches and their rituals.


#17 — DM | Prince Charles the £30m furniture wrecker

A BBC Antiques Roadshow expert claims a £30million collection of furniture in a house that Prince Charles bought for the nation is at risk of being seriously damaged.


#18 — Telegraph | Tiger Woods will be replaced by Lee Westwood as world No 1

Briton Lee Westwood is to take over as world No 1 when the new rankings are published on Monday after Ryder Cup team mate Martin Kaymer finished down the field at the Andalucia Masters.


#19 — Telegraph | Police detonate 40kg bomb in Northern Ireland

Experts have detonated a 40kg dissident republican bomb packed into a beer keg in Co Armagh, the latest in a series of attempts to destabilise the peace process.


#20 — Telegraph | Turkish migrants stream into Greece before EU deployment

Turkish migrants were streaming into Greece yesterday in an attempt to get into Europe, two days before the EU sends in rapid intervention teams to shore up the border.

Dozens of illegal immigrants crossed the border over the weekend, wading across streams and walking through frozen farmland to reach frontier villages near the town of Orestiada in far northeastern Greece.


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  • beentheredonethat
  • beentheredonethat

    Halloween was a dud for entire neighbourhoods in Winnipeg’s northend last evening. Parents kept the little ones indoors out of fear of them getting hit by stray bullets or not so stray bullets. Good parental decisions taking into consideration the three believed random ‘driveby shootings’ (2 resulted in deaths) by some a$$hole on a bicycle last week in that area. Now how does that grab all the soft on firearm crime politicians and their social worker degreed up advisers and supporters out there? And yes, this mindless violence angers me to no end when it happens in other cities such as shooting gallery Toronto just as much as when it happens in Winnipeg.

    • Jack

      I had at least 150 spooky visitors of all ages last night. A very good turnout considering the evening was cold. No trouble I know of here but then again nothing ever happens in Tillsonburg anymore. It’s just the way I like it.

  • stageleft

    Re: Motorcyclist clocked at 179 km/h in 60-km/h zone – I’m sure there’s a reason why a speeding motorcycle is newsworthy here while stories of car street racing are not — I could probably speculate about what that reason may be….. but it would be from a biker perspective.

    • Jack

      “I’m sure there’s a reason why a speeding motorcycle is newsworthy here while stories of car street racing are not ”

      The reason this story attracted my attention was the speed SL and my wondering why the driver wasn’t arrested and charged with “dangerous driving” under the Code. I feel the same way about street racing.

      Provincial law doesn’t cut it when it comes to this type of behavior.

  • beentheredonethat

    Re: #3. Street punks running around (at it’s everywhere not just Montreal) brandishing .45 calibre handguns, 9mm handguns, and even (although rarely) the odd ‘large calibre’ firearm? There’s so much gunfire in Winnipeg’s northend at night its beginning to sound like the 4th of July, except we’ve got people with bullet holes in them…and they’re dead. Canada’s $1B dollar long gun registry at work again, keeping Canadians safe. Sleep tight Canada, we’re in good hands, the opposition parties and their MSM lackies tell us so. Let’s leave the rampant stabbings (and deaths) for another debate.