Afternoon Update December 23rd, 2010 (20)


#1 — CNews | Family sells valuables for expensive medical procedure

After seeing a family member with multiple sclerosis deteriorate, a Fort McMurray family has spent the past two months selling their boat and valuables, and fundraising to send their uncle to India for a life-changing treatment.

But sending one person to India turned into sending three.


#2 — CNews | Christmas lights fire claims three lives

VANCOUVER – Inspectors blamed a faulty extension cord Wednesday for a fire at an East Vancouver home that killed three men and injured another.


Youtube | EXCLUSIVE Christmas Tree Safety Tips (PSA)

#3 — CNews | Cop union rips media for treatment of G20 officer

TORONTO – The boss of the Toronto Police union is upset that media staked out the home of a cop charged with assaulting a G20 protester.


NP | McParland: Toronto’s shallow, cowardly cops

#4 — Globe | Budget watchdog lacks credibility, not cash: Jim Flaherty

Jim Flaherty says extra cash for the Parliamentary Budget Office would not fix his ongoing beef with Kevin Page.


#5 — Globe | Ontario hit hard by federal cuts to immigrant settlement centres

The federal government is cutting funding to immigrant settlement groups in Ontario by more than $40-million, a move several agencies say will lead to their demise.


NP | McParland: Immigration funding trimmed, ‘climate of fear’ results

#6 — LFP | Mounties on Vanier case

The Mounties confirmed Wednesday — for the first time — they’re investigating embattled Onco Petroleum founder Robert Vanier.


#7 — NP | Website advocating genocide reappears after founder flees

The resurrection of a website advocating the genocide of Jews and Canadians, founded by a Toronto extremist who is wanted by police, highlights the difficulties of policing the Internet, where public postings can be generated and disseminated from almost anywhere.


#8 — OC | Truck driver kidnapped in copper heist

OTTAWA — Quebec police are on the hunt for two masked men who jumped into a transport truck early Wednesday morning, assaulted and tied up the driver, and then stole half a million dollars worth of copper before leaving the driver stranded and bound on the side of the road just west of Montreal.


#9 — MG | Aubin: How did it come to this?

Ten years after the passage of the law that merged Montreal Island's municipalities, everyone agrees that Montreal suffers from inertia, high municipal spending and other symptoms of a defective municipal structure. But there's no consensus on the nature of that defect. That's unfortunate. If we're unsure why something isn't working, we can't fix it.


#10 — Star | Supreme Court reinstates military class-action lawsuit

OTTAWA—The Supreme Court has paved the way for a class-action lawsuit over military veterans’ pensions.



#11 — BBC | Two injured in parcel blasts at embassies in Rome

Italian police have been searching embassies and consular offices in Rome after parcel bombs exploded at the Swiss and Chilean missions.


#12 — BBC | North Korea 'ready for sacred war' with the South

North Korea is ready for a "sacred war of justice" using a nuclear deterrent, its armed forces minister has said.


Fox | Richardson: Korean Tension 'the Worst I Have Ever Seen'

#13 — BBC | Microsoft warns on IE browser bug

Microsoft has issued a warning about a serious vulnerability in all versions of its Internet Explorer (IE) browser.


#14 — CNN | TRENDING: Oprah talks Palin, 2012

Washington (CNN) – Oprah Winfrey says America may "fall in love" with Sarah Palin as a TV star, but is dismissing the idea that the country would vote for the former Alaska governor in the future.


#15 — Fox | Southern Iraqi city eyes break from Baghdad

BASRA, Iraq –  Over a recent dinner, two friends — both local businessmen — dished over a simmering topic in Iraq's oil-rich port city: whether to boost Basra's future by partially breaking away from the federal government in Baghdad.


#16 — NY Times | After Bruising Session, Congress Braces for More

WASHINGTON — The 111th Congress ended as it began two years ago, with a burst of legislative productivity, as Democrats forced through a historic social change by lifting the ban on gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military and a major foreign policy achievement in approving the New Start arms control treaty with Russia.


#17 — DM | 'He's dragging WikiLeaks down with him'

One of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's main supporters has accused him of bringing the site down and urged him to hand himself in to Swedish authorities.

Peter Sunde, co-founder of file-sharing website Pirate Bay, said the media glare focussed on Mr Assange was detracting from the work being done on WikiLeaks.


#18 — Independent | Civil war looms as foreigners are warned to leave Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast appeared to be sliding back into civil war yesterday as foreign nationals were warned to leave the country, while government-backed "death squads" were reported to be abducting opposition supporters.


#19 — Independent | Truffles – the luxury France is dying for

The spiralling price of seasonal delicacies has generated a "luxury" crime wave in France this Christmas – and now one violent death.

An ill-tempered war in the South of France over the theft of truffles has claimed its first victim. A young truffle-producer in the Rhône valley has been arrested on possible murder charges after shooting dead a man whom he suspected of raiding his "truffle groves" in the middle of the night.


#20 — Telegraph | South African man sentenced after admitting paying men to kill wife

A South African man has been sentenced to life imprisonment after he admitted paying two men £2,880 to fake a carjacking and murder his wife.


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    Re: #14.  Oprah hailed Obama as though he was the Messiah, the second coming, and look what he turned out to be.  So based on her proven (dis)ability in assessing true character,  Sarah is pretty well guaranteed to be a smashing success for America and the free world.   The trouble with people like Oprah, they never seem to be able to stop themselves from counselling the 'common folk'.   Oprah is an entertainer, nothing more and nothing less, and she really needs to get over herself.