Edwards: Why Do The DNC, GOP, and The Media Fear Sarah Palin? (6)

It isn’t often that the DNC, the GOP, and the media all have a common enemy, but they seem to have found one in Sarah Palin. The attacks against her from all sides are amusing, bemusing, validating, and frustrating. Although I really don’t care about the 2012 election at this point, I have to admit the fixation on Sarah Palin is quite intriguing.


It’s pretty obvious why the DNC fears Palin. When the 2012 campaign is well underway, President Obama will have over three years of executive experience under his belt with nothing to brag about but stomping all over The Constitution and playing tons of golf while the economy collapsed. Palin currently has over eight years of executive experience and has a history of attacking corruption. She is a threat to the progressive agenda, she has a respect for history, a respect for The Constitution, and has real solutions to bring the U.S. economy back from the pits of despair.


Gov. Palin is a threat to the GOP establishment, which is one aspect of Palin I love. I used to identify myself as a republican, but in recent years, I have come to the realization the republican party has been inundated by progressives and party hacks. I now identify myself as a conservative libertarian.

The republican party needs a shake-up and needs to get back to conservative and libertarian values. Republicans have cut taxes, but they have rarely cut spending. Several in the party are loyal only to the party itself, at the expense of truth and The Constitution. The GOP knows that Sarah Palin isn’t going to take crap from party hacks, and will have no problem calling out corruption within her own party. All politicians should do this, but the party leaders fear it.


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I stand by my view that Sarah should not run this time around because she has a young family and who needs the trouble that will come with the next presidency in 2012.

Ultimately, it will be Sarah’s choice to make but it is certain that the “left” will rise up and attack her (it’s a living after all) at every opportunity just as they are doing with Harper this very minute here in the “great white north”.  My continuing belief is that if she does run she will win and I also feel her country desperately needs her.  That’s clear.

The big question revolves around Sarah herself .  Does Sarah need her country that much because the price to be paid will be high regarding the wear and tear on her family?  I wouldn’t go there personally because I’m not certain the country deserves her.


My view — four more years of “Obama and co.” will virtually destroy a once great nation at the rate he’s going and it will take great effort to get the train back on the rails again (if they ever can).  I’m far from certain that Sarah can accomplish the task in a single term but one thing I am sure of is that she can get the job started and she is competent to do so.

I believe that and I also believe it’s Sarah in 2012 if she wants the job (notwithstanding all the polls now in play boosting Romney — a RINO — and various others pandered by a very biased media who want to get a “loser” elected so Obama can continue his destructive ways in the days ahead).

Obama has to go because he has no clue how to run a country as is being proved day after day in recent times.  I see only one person that can beat he and his kind into the ground.  And that is why the US political establishment is having a collective heart attack over the lady.

A lot of people are going to jail if she wins and they know it.

Just as in Canada during the Trudeau years and far beyond, the US is looking at decades of recovery if they do not realize that “progressives” are the problem and they ALL must be given their pink slips (then investigated for criminal activity in their past — there appears to be a lot of that going on behind the scenes).  There is no other choice available if the US is to avoid the trap Canada fell into.

The US does not have to go there.

If Palin does win the job (providing she wants it) you can rest assured there are a lot of “good old boys” — and girls — who are going to be off to the “slammer” in short order.

They know it — and Sarah knows it.

Therefore the reason for their (to date) unexplained “fear” of this woman.  And fear her they do.  There is no other reason I can see for their blind panic at the very mention of her name.

And “panic r us” this day as they pour over many thousands of her e-mails looking for anything — ANYTHING – that can bolster their argument that Sarah is “unqualified”.

What a bunch of jerks.

I wonder if they realize just how silly they look?

Probably not (they are far to stupid).  They clearly are no longer “qualified” to render an opinion and they don’t even know it.  “Personally”, I think they’ve lost their credibility supporting a “loser” and they will be decades getting it back.  I also think it looks good on them.

They deserve everything “they are about to receive” because they’ve earned it (and I give them full marks on that score).

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