Edwards: Why Do The DNC, GOP, and The Media Fear Sarah Palin? (6)

It isn’t often that the DNC, the GOP, and the media all have a common enemy, but they seem to have found one in Sarah Palin. The attacks against her from all sides are amusing, bemusing, validating, and frustrating. Although I really don’t care about the 2012 election at this point, I have to admit the fixation on Sarah Palin is quite intriguing.


It’s pretty obvious why the DNC fears Palin. When the 2012 campaign is well underway, President Obama will have over three years of executive experience under his belt with nothing to brag about but stomping all over The Constitution and playing tons of golf while the economy collapsed. Palin currently has over eight years of executive experience and has a history of attacking corruption. She is a threat to the progressive agenda, she has a respect for history, a respect for The Constitution, and has real solutions to bring the U.S. economy back from the pits of despair.


Gov. Palin is a threat to the GOP establishment, which is one aspect of Palin I love. I used to identify myself as a republican, but in recent years, I have come to the realization the republican party has been inundated by progressives and party hacks. I now identify myself as a conservative libertarian.

The republican party needs a shake-up and needs to get back to conservative and libertarian values. Republicans have cut taxes, but they have rarely cut spending. Several in the party are loyal only to the party itself, at the expense of truth and The Constitution. The GOP knows that Sarah Palin isn’t going to take crap from party hacks, and will have no problem calling out corruption within her own party. All politicians should do this, but the party leaders fear it.


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I stand by my view that Sarah should not run this time around because she has a young family and who needs the trouble that will come with the next presidency in 2012.

Ultimately, it will be Sarah’s choice to make but it is certain that the “left” will rise up and attack her (it’s a living after all) at every opportunity just as they are doing with Harper this very minute here in the “great white north”.  My continuing belief is that if she does run she will win and I also feel her country desperately needs her.  That’s clear.

The big question revolves around Sarah herself .  Does Sarah need her country that much because the price to be paid will be high regarding the wear and tear on her family?  I wouldn’t go there personally because I’m not certain the country deserves her.


My view — four more years of “Obama and co.” will virtually destroy a once great nation at the rate he’s going and it will take great effort to get the train back on the rails again (if they ever can).  I’m far from certain that Sarah can accomplish the task in a single term but one thing I am sure of is that she can get the job started and she is competent to do so.

I believe that and I also believe it’s Sarah in 2012 if she wants the job (notwithstanding all the polls now in play boosting Romney — a RINO — and various others pandered by a very biased media who want to get a “loser” elected so Obama can continue his destructive ways in the days ahead).

Obama has to go because he has no clue how to run a country as is being proved day after day in recent times.  I see only one person that can beat he and his kind into the ground.  And that is why the US political establishment is having a collective heart attack over the lady.

A lot of people are going to jail if she wins and they know it.

Just as in Canada during the Trudeau years and far beyond, the US is looking at decades of recovery if they do not realize that “progressives” are the problem and they ALL must be given their pink slips (then investigated for criminal activity in their past — there appears to be a lot of that going on behind the scenes).  There is no other choice available if the US is to avoid the trap Canada fell into.

The US does not have to go there.

If Palin does win the job (providing she wants it) you can rest assured there are a lot of “good old boys” — and girls — who are going to be off to the “slammer” in short order.

They know it — and Sarah knows it.

Therefore the reason for their (to date) unexplained “fear” of this woman.  And fear her they do.  There is no other reason I can see for their blind panic at the very mention of her name.

And “panic r us” this day as they pour over many thousands of her e-mails looking for anything — ANYTHING – that can bolster their argument that Sarah is “unqualified”.

What a bunch of jerks.

I wonder if they realize just how silly they look?

Probably not (they are far to stupid).  They clearly are no longer “qualified” to render an opinion and they don’t even know it.  “Personally”, I think they’ve lost their credibility supporting a “loser” and they will be decades getting it back.  I also think it looks good on them.

They deserve everything “they are about to receive” because they’ve earned it (and I give them full marks on that score).

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  • beentheredonethat

    Sarah’s opponents don’t fear her because of what harm they think she might do to America should she become POTUS. That’s all smoke and mirrors to conceal their real fear. What they know she will do to them. On both sides. She will take no prisoners and that has got a lot of people waking up with the night sweats.

  • nomdeblog

    Stage, I’m talking about the real litmus test which is how many people on our TV screens and in front of our kids in schools and university would ever vote Conservative? I think Sandy was pretty lonely as a Conservative academic if I read her comments correctly.

    My “experience”, anecdotally is that I sometimes have a bunch of university students in my car. They know that when I’m on my own in the car that I’m listening to Sirus XM; so to humour me, they say …”nomdeblog, let’s listen to your redneck stations” (now I don’t think I am a redneck but since they live on campus and all they hear is far far left stuff spewed at them by Progressive Profs everyday; ergo I’m a redneck).

    So we listen to Tom Sullivan and John Gibson and Hannity on Fox and if we’re really lucky I can get good reception on Rush from some US station. Interestingly they really enjoy Rush. Admittedly they don’t buy it all, but they enjoy his sense of humour and especially his impersonations. The important thing is that they no longer loathe Rush. So if a Prof were to blithely dismiss a POV in class as being a Rush-like statement…these students would no longer consider that an proper argument by the Prof. They are even having serious doubts about FOX being as extreme right as academia portrays it.

    As to religion taught in schools why am I paying for a Catholic system unless I can get my kids to be taught my milquetoast Presbyterianism religion?

    Religion can be taught but like a history class in the context of facts or like geography without promotion. But religion does exist so it is OK to teach it as long we add the new-age, proxy religion like Climate Change to the list; along with the secular extremist ideas of government being our de facto “father in heaven” in this post religious society…but we’ll save that argument for another dull news day…LOL.

    BTW, I think this is all on topic as to why “they” fear Palin because she would attack the establishment on all of the above and do it much more crisply than any of us. she does it in a way that makes her point a verbal hammer.

    • Jack

      Watching Fox News this morning and they are all over this situation. They are having a huge laugh as Palin (once again) makes fools of the “Lamestream Media”.

      The best part of all is that she never said a word. They did it all by themselves.

      You would think (since news is a business) that the media would get behind her (she sucks all the air out of the room everywhere she goes) but they’re stubborn that way. They’ve been pandering “she’s an idiot” for so long they’re stuck on a railroad track with no switches.

      “Some idiot!”

      “Some LSM.”

  • http://stageleft.blogspot.com stageleft

    Re: Are the MSM and academia fair and balanced?

    As far as the media goes I would suggest to you that that depends on individual partisan positions and issues… I know there are a growing number of “progressives” complaining that the (so called) MSM is giving Harper a free pass on a whole lot of issues that bother them — it’s all about individual perspective and what people want to believe.

    Would you consider it “fair and balanced” if the news segments regarding the CPC Convention consisted of

    “Stephen Harper gave a speech to the CPC convention today – here’s a clip of him telling convention goers about his governments agenda based on what he says Canadians want”

    [cut to clip]

    “In other news it was cloudy in Ottawa today but it didn’t rain”.

    As far as your complaints about academia go (and assuming that you are talking about the school system) your experience obviously differs from mine. My arguments with my children’s teachers usually revolved around them trying to push some version of their religious mythology or superstition in the classroom — gods there seemed to be a large number of Christians in that profession a few years ago — but none of my kids ever came home from school spouting off about the evils of capitalism or the free market system.

    If you are talking about the post-secondary system I don’t know for sure. I’m a community college graduate so have no direct experience, two of my children did attend the higher institutions of learning, but (once again) they never came home talking about how their professors were trying to lead them down the path of communism — my son did complain fairly often about his religious studies prof dismissing belief structures outside of Christianity as primitive.

    Are your experiences different? And by experiences I am not talking about what some talking head with an opinion/commentary show/column and their own particular political agenda to push says. By way of explaining that sentence I will say that I lend equal credence to (for example) what comes out of the mouths of Michael Moore and Brian Lilley – they’re both propagandists, and none of their ilk can be trusted to tell the whole truth can they?

  • nomdeblog

    Stage you are describing what parties do and that’s fine. But this is about what the media and academia do. Academia does it constantly with our kids; they sneak in anti-capitalist references constantly. Only about 5% of journalist and teachers vote conservative compared to about 50% of the population in the ROC. The self-righteous preachers of diversity in the MSM/academia are totally against diversity of thought.

    Palin isn’t even running yet and the media is like a school of predatory piranha on every email she ever wrote. Compare that to it taking The Donald to out whether or not Obama had the legally requisite US birth certificate 2.5 years after he was POTUS. The dual standard of treatment by the MSM/academia on conservatives and progressives is a chasm wide.

    • Jack

      Thanks “Nom”. You caught what I was trying to say and I appreciate it.

      • http://stageleft.blogspot.com stageleft

        JAck, what happened to the “subscribe to comments” option? I’m getting old and my memory is failing so I sometimes forget where I commented :-)

        • Jack

          I just added a plugin. It should work now.

    • http://stageleft.blogspot.com stageleft

      Ah yes …. of course …. the media and them pesky academics with their degree’s and such indoctrinating innocent children …. tell me, are these groups still in cahoots with each other?

      If only about 5% of journalist and teachers vote conservative I’d have to ask you two questions

      (1) just where did you get those numbers, and
      (2) what are conservatives doing about that?

      Based on the last election numbers I feel quite confident in saying that the “50% of the population in the ROC” is a made up number – so you needn’t bother including references to that in your answers.

      As of May 2nd Elections Canada determined that there were 23,971,740 registered voters in Canada, in that election the CPC received 5,832,401 votes. Simple math tells us that (unless Elections Canada is also part of some anti-conservative conspiracy) the CPC only has the support of about 24% of Canadians of voting age. The best you can possibly say is that about 40% of Canadians of voting age as of the last election who voted, voted conservative.

      With respect to Palin and the treatment she may or may not be getting from the media I couldn’t comment – I’m not following it. Foreign politics and politicians are of very little interest to me these days and quite frankly I’m at a loss as to the fixation so many Canadian political bloggers have with. I do know she’s on some sort of national bus tour and if she’s still talking like she did during her last failed election run — “I can see Russia out my kitchen window” (or some other such nonsense along that line) — she’s probably getting the coverage she deserves.

  • http://stageleft.blogspot.com stageleft

    The “left” will rise up and attack her?

    … oh for the love of Pete.

    Of course they will, they will rise up and attack anyone who runs against whoever the GoP settles on…… exactly as the “right” will rise up and attack Obama in the next election — it’s what political parties do these days isn’t it.

    Both north and south of the border they seek to make as many people as possible believe that the other team is full of corrupt, elitist, frauds who are out of touch with regular people, and instill a deep seated fear that if their team doesn’t win it will be the end of the country.

    • Jack

      I didn’t phrase my note very well “Stage”. You are correct of course as far as it goes.

      What I was trying to say was that Sarah is not even running and the MSM never miss an opportunity to beat on her. Why aren’t they doing the same with Obama?

      What I would like to see is the MSM file a freedom of information request on all Obama’s e-mails while he was still a Senator. I think that would be very interesting but of course they won’t because they are heavily biased when it comes to him.

      Maybe “The Donald” could spend a few bucks and claim the bill as “entertainment expense” on his next tax return?

      THAT would be a hoot.

  • Fay

    I agree with you I stand with Sarah Palin. The fear media will destroy her family!

    • Jack

      I’m worried about her, Fay. I think that is clear but I came across this little gem today written by Toby Harnden in the Telegraph. I don’t entirely agree with him but he’s on the correct track regarding the e-mails I think.

      The mass media once again will end up looking like fools and Sarah’s image will get another big boost.

      She’s been paying attention to Harper and as I have said before — “she is a good student“.

  • Hans Rupprecht

    You are ‘dead to rights’ Jack…the ‘progressives’ are mortally afraid of Sarah Palin because she has a history of calling out corruption.

    The veritable mountain of ‘wink, wink, nudge, nudge’ corruption that is the DC beltway is long overdue a thorough going exorcism.

    I predict there will be much wailing and nashing of teeth, as the “toy money train” is put back in the closet while the corrupt ‘progressives’ have a veritable tantrum.

    Counting down to a conniption fit in 3 – 2 – 1…. we have lift off!


    Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    Frankenstein Battalion
    2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)
    Knecht Rupprecht Division
    Hans Corps
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

    • Jack

      RE: “Counting down to a conniption fit in 3 – 2 – 1…. we have lift off!”