Ledeen: What’s Up With All the Presidential Gaffes, Anyway?

Big Media doesn’t pay much attention to them, even though Obama makes an amazing number of errors in his public statements.  And I think it’s easy enough to understand why the BM largely ignores them:  to report them all would totally undermine the image of the president to which a surprising number of “reporters” and pundits are wedded:  that of an unusually intelligent and well educated man.

Yet someone who tells a crowd in Vienna that his “Austrian” isn’t very good, who tells Marines that he’s pleased to speak to the “Marine Corpse,” and who, just today, said he’d given the Medal of Honor to a survivor from the 10th Mountain Division, when in fact the award was given posthumously, doesn’t fit my definition of a brilliant and cultured man.

Yes, there was a Medal of Honor winner who lived to receive it, but it was a different man.  The living honoree is named Giunta;  the deceased hero from the 10th Mountain Division was named Monti.  Both are Italian names.  Did a White House speechwriter confuse the two Italians?  And if so, what does that tell us about the ship under the command of President Obama?  That’s worth pondering for a moment.


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  • Undecided Voter

    Its obvious that some politicians from both the right and the left have attended the GW Bush School of language studies.

    • Jean

      Agreed sloppy talking, ignorance of basic historical or scientific facts etc ….

      In a way our politicians are just ignorant as the general population of basic facts even if they studied at ” Harvard ” or some other prestigious school: Too many keggers, not enough going to classes maybe plus too many courses that only lead to ” Advanced Macramé Doctorates “. 😉

  • beentheredonethat

    Parents taking more interest in what their children are being taught, or rather not being taught, in school would be a good start. Talk to their children, ask them what they learned today. When they tell you then tell your children the teacher is wrong, this is what really happened. Education begins at home parents, not in some liberal controlled environment. Then the next day off down to the school to enrich your child’s teacher’s life.

  • beentheredonethat

    The sad fact is that years of liberalism and the assinine political correctness of that species has infected masses of what were once normal right thinking people.

    • Jean

      Schools used to teach critical thinking, primary school kids could spell and handle challenging subjects like Latin and Greek which where not considered too hard to learn for even ” the lower classes ” ? If a politician made reference to the Classics or history people would actually know what he was talking about ! Apart from the politically correct teaching we have the ” self esteem ” focused teaching where no one can fail and no one can stand out for excellence.

      Teaching a little history, basic economics as well as civics classes so people have a clue about democracy and how it’s supposed to wok as well as basic writing , reading and math has been almost completely abandoned due to Ivory tower theories of education in my opinion. There was some justified reaction to rote learning and excessive rigidity of education methods of the past but we tossed out having students actually learning something when education became making kids feel good about themselves !

  • Jean

    Sarah Palin has made some goofs also, misspoke, and for me even worse, wasn’t articulate in explaining away a flub by restating what she actually meant.

    Now my point in the above isn’t that Sarah Palin can occasionally get historical facts or geographical facts incorrect or ” create ” new words ! ( Mostly funny and not that dumb word morphing. 😉 ). My point is that Obama has misspoke at least as much, as often and as ill-informed, or worse than Sarah Palin, but the MSM lets him get away with 99% of them but won’t let slide 1% of any error(s) Sarah makes.