Edwards: Strauss-Kahn scandal exposes immigration flaws (4)

NEW YORK – The collapsing attempted-rape case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn has revealed not only that his accuser appears to be an incorrigible liar — but also shockingly lax immigration oversight of asylum seekers.

A national of Guinea, the 32-year-old accuser — who continues to enjoy the privilege of remaining anonymous as an alleged sex-crime victim — received legal asylum after recounting horrendous stories of her plight in her West African homeland.

But a letter prosecutors filed with the Supreme Court in Manhattan recounts how she has now admitted that much of what she said was a lie — and that lying to improve her lot became a way of life for her after she was admitted to the country.

The most damning thing she said in terms of disqualifying her as a credible witness in the prosecution of Strauss-Khan, 62, was that Guinean soldiers gang-raped her because she and her husband in that country opposed the ruling regime.

She told Manhattan prosecutors that she had indeed been raped, but not in that way, the letter says. She had embellished her story, her lawyer said, in order to boost her asylum application.

Her asylum bid was, in fact, so sophisticated that some unknown collaborator had even given her a tape of the story she should tell, the letter says. She apparently listened to the tape over and over to learn the story by heart.



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Afternoon Updates:

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  • Paul

    Immigration aside, No means No.
    This Khan guy, for lack of a better term, has been outed as a pig. If it costs him a further future in politics so be it.

    • Jean

      Pig, agreed, but if based on lies or very unreliable testimony or witness the guy may have been targeted for blackmail by the ” victim ” and also risked being victimized himself by the political ambitions of prosecutors plus the feminist politically correct idea that victims of rape ” never ” lie.

      The guy does seem to have an earned reputation of being a pig, and may have done things in the past that might have justified some sort of accusations of sexual abuse if charges had been layed in Europe.

      Unfortunately, a pat on the rear end and full on rape, at least in our Canadian criminal code, has been muddied by all being lumped together as charges of sexual assault: This was done for P.C. reasons of softening the impact on victims by not using the word rape, but it also means that lesser, but still bad behaviour, causes an accused to suffer the stigma of being a rapist when they may have done something much less serious ).

      I also think that as unsympathetic this guy seems to be, he may well be innocent of actual sexual assault and this case sort of reminds me of the ” Justice System ” going after the big fish ( Conrad Black ) ! it does seem that with new facts coming to light at least some people on the prosecution side are acting responsibly.

  • beentheredonethat

    “When screeners are ready to bite at any old sob story, the integrity of the entire program is called into question.”

    Welcome to Canada. I have been saying this for years and years and years.

    “That can only lead to doors being closed to genuine refugees and asylum seekers, as the public loses confidence in the bureaucrats’ ability to keep out the scammers.”

    This is what our disfunctional refugee determination process defenders simply don’t understand. To them we simply can’t admit enough claimants.