Bawer: Oslo Car Fires Highlight Threat to Norway’s Future

Taken together, two seemingly unrelated news stories from Norway paint a grim picture of that city’s future.

First, you need to know that Oslo is a sprawling, low-lying city, more of a small-scale Los Angeles than a small-scale New York.  Out on its eastern flank is a large valley called Groruddalen which, a few years ago, was a sleepy mishmash of industry and suburban apartment blocks.  It is now quickly becoming an urban center all its own.  It is said that if current trends continue, Groruddalen will, within a couple of decades, dwarf downtown Oslo itself as a population center.

One not-so-little detail: the reason for Groruddalen’s rapid growth is that it is a destination for new Muslim immigrants.  Groruddalen is, in short, a Muslim enclave in the making.


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