Kengor: Dems’ Risky Tea Party Smear Strategy

I was sitting in my office, checking my email, minding my own business, when I was suddenly assaulted by a most bizarre news item: Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) had blamed the Tea Party for S&P’s downgrade of America’s credit rating. No, Kerry didn’t blame President Obama, or Congress, whether the current divided Congress or past Democrat or Republican Congresses, or even President Obama’s favorite culprit: George W. Bush. He blamed “the Tea Party.”

My initial thought was that Kerry’s allegation was fortunately so absurd that even the most emotional, robotic liberals would not buy this whopper. But then it happened:

Mere seconds later, I started reading the responses to an article I had just posted on Vice President Joe Biden allegedly calling Tea Party members “terrorists.” And there, at the top, was this reader response:


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  • Jean

    Sort of reminds me of the Liberal/Ignatieff strategy of a culture war and may backfire the same way.

    Maybe the Tea Party or Republican campaign slogan should be ” IT’S THE STUPID SPENDING, STUPID “.

    So the solution is smart spending: Prioritize by what is essential, what is useful and can be afforded and what is useful but we just cant afford at the moment and what is just plain wasted money. 😉