Two Facebook users who urged people to join in riots online are jailed for FOUR years (10)

Two Facebook users who tried to kickstart mob violence during last week’s riots were each jailed for four years yesterday.

Perry Sutcliffe, 22, and Jordan Blackshaw, 20, were locked up even though their ‘chilling’ plans to go on the rampage came to nothing.

In a separate development a judge in Manchester tore up normal sentencing rules and said any adults involved in rioting should expect to go lose their liberty for a ‘significant period’.

Judge Andrew Gilbart, QC, unveiled a sliding scale of tariffs under which riot leaders will be jailed for at least eight years, burglars who broke into shops to steal for between four and seven years, and arsonists between three and seven years.

Even those who claimed they found stolen goods abandoned on the street should be jailed for up to four years, he said.


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