Two Facebook users who urged people to join in riots online are jailed for FOUR years (10)

Two Facebook users who tried to kickstart mob violence during last week’s riots were each jailed for four years yesterday.

Perry Sutcliffe, 22, and Jordan Blackshaw, 20, were locked up even though their ‘chilling’ plans to go on the rampage came to nothing.

In a separate development a judge in Manchester tore up normal sentencing rules and said any adults involved in rioting should expect to go lose their liberty for a ‘significant period’.

Judge Andrew Gilbart, QC, unveiled a sliding scale of tariffs under which riot leaders will be jailed for at least eight years, burglars who broke into shops to steal for between four and seven years, and arsonists between three and seven years.

Even those who claimed they found stolen goods abandoned on the street should be jailed for up to four years, he said.


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  • stageleft

    Back during the North American Leaders’ Summit the S.Q. were actively trying to incite violence – how many years did they get?

  • Joey

    To be clear, the use of “social media” for inciting violence is extremely dangerous due to the speed at which it multiplies. As an example, there are many examples of small innocent teen parties becoming overwhelmed in a few minutes causing the house to be trashed because of social media postings.

    The law needs to recognize that. Inciting violence among a couple of friends is much different than inciting violence among thousands.

    • Jack


  • Jack

    I will add a thought that occurred to me while updating. It’s an old saying and before rioters think they are going to have a good time they might reconsider:

    “There are three things that are true about life:

    #1 — Death.

    #2 — Taxes.

    #3 — The police will be back.”

    Just saying….

    • beentheredonethat

      Yes, Jack the police are coming for ‘them’. They’ve got to know that now and I bet there are many people in England right about now spending sleepless nights jumping at every sound. That’s a good thing.

  • beentheredonethat

    Reportedly over 1,000 have been charged so these two rejects are going to have lots of company. That’s a good thing IMO. Zero sympathy zero tolerance. Inciting others to commit a crime is not just ‘speech’, it is no different than actually participating. As for Canada’s big crackdown, chirping crickets in Vancouver. Pathetic.

    • Jean

      To add to my previous more general comment these specific two guys where not just shooting off opinion and comments to some friends they where really trying hard trying to get something violent going: I’m other words not just an OOOPS ! moment saying or writing something stupid quickly retracted or apologized for ! 😉

  • Jean

    I guess it depends on how serious they where encouraging violence ? A lot of loose slopping writing could be interpreted this way and this may be similar to someone saying or writing ” I am going to kill you ” and then being accused of making death threats and their intent was a joke of just ill chosen words ….. so sure one could make a case for these two people getting more than they deserve.

    On the other hand it should send out a message to anyone and everyone to be careful what you write ! Shouting fire in a theatre, making a joke about bombs and highjacking at the airport and death treats, egging on rioters can be taken seriously and get you into real trouble.

    So are these two guys being made an example of or where they seriously encouraging and provoking violent actions ? Even if their plan failed there are plenty of others who used the same language who succeeded in getting people to act and make the riots worse !

  • FredR

    I’m not sure if I like this: jailing people for speech is slippery slope. Yes, I know that there are laws (in Canada, and presumably in Britain) that prohibit the incitation of violence, and these Facebook posts seem to fall into that category – but let’s be clear: these charges are politically motivated. Showing the public that law and order will be kept. And that’s why it’s a dangerous precedent: if it’s politcally convenient, what else can become a show of criminal intent?

    If the same state that cheerfully allowed and encouraged a welfare sponsored, nihilistic, gangsta oriented sub-culture to grow now decides it’s time put the boots down, whose interests are really being protected? The publics or the states?

    I have no sympathies for these yobs who were charged, but were they there at the riots? Is so, why aren’t they charged with looting – something that they actually did?

  • Lee

    Four years for these two young men is far too harsh. Other people posted similar things online and have merely received police cautions. I certainly read a lot worse on Twitter as I was following developments.

    Just to put things in perspective; apparently it’s possible to receive only four years for manslaughter.

    • Jack

      I agree with you, Lee. I’m following this and while I can understand the “harshness” of the courts I see trouble ahead with appeals and the EU Court of Justice.

      I can see “barristers” (we call them lawyers) everywhere running up and down the streets screaming “The lion shit. God Bless the Queen.” I can also see the government falling over this situation because Clegg and his crowd cannot be tolerated if Cameron is to make real headway and Cameron get’s to make the call.

      And thanks for weighing in here. I think you may be the first comment I’ve had from Britain. Keep it coming because “inquiring minds want to know”.

  • beentheredonethat

    David Soloway (Pajamas Media) describes the Obama phenomena perfectly. Unbelievably there are still people lining the roadways to cheer the naked emperor and wave as his suitably idiotic bus tour passes through their dying cities and towns. The very thought that this guy might, just might, get re-elected and thus handed the hammer with which to drive the final nail into America’s coffin is chilling. It begs the question, how can a modern powerful western nation’s people be so stupid?