Massie: Flailing Obama in the Black Community

In aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Cornel West proclaimed, “[Hurricane Katrina] showed the unbelievable resilience [of blacks] in the face of crushing white supremacist powers.” This statement added to his already bloated legacy of race-baiting diatribes.

When he criticized blacks who achieved financial success based on meritocracy as the black bourgeoisie, he was applauded by blacks amenable to the idea of class warfare. West’s comments that those whom he identified as the “black bourgeoisie” had an obligation to fight for the 33 percent of black children living in poverty were also met with approval. His brick throwing at those he views as “financially privileged” black men made positively no sense whatsoever to those of us with sense, but to those who thrive on race as currency, it was a clarion call from the heavens that represented their mindset.

There was no shortage of applause or echoing of agreement for his despiteous condemnation of Dr. Condoleezza Rice as having sold her soul in order to assume the elevated status and position she held. In his mind, Dr. Rice’s hard work and mastery in her field has nothing to do with her accomplishments.


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