Gainor: Mainstream Media Pushing Hard to Defeat the Tea Party, Raise Taxes (2)

The Politico headline read: “Conservative elites pine for 2012 hero.” They could have shortened that sentence to “Elites pine” or more likely to “Elites freak the heck out.” Because it’s not just the conservative cognoscenti, it’s all of them. The folks in charge of the mainstream media equation miss the good old days when they ran everything and ordinary American voters and taxpayers did as they were told.

Those days are gone and the in-crowd is afraid it is on the way out, too. Congress’s favorability rating is down to 13 percent and even the lefties at Mother Jones are whining that both political parties are cancelling town hall meetings to hide from angry voters.

The era when elite Washington – of all three major parties: Republicans, Democrats andthe Media – could just raise our taxes or cut deals behind closed doors has gone bye-bye. And the Powers That Be are determined to turn back the clock.

They blame the Tea Party and rightly so. A combination of a grassroots movement and a sophisticated technology now able to actually inform Americans has successfully taken away some power from politicians and the media. The logical solution would be for both groups to reflect more what the public actually wants from them – a saner, more affordable government and a media that is fair to someone other than just liberals.

Instead, the elites have declared war on the Tea Party.


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  • CRB

    I could not believe the editorial in the Saturday Star Phoney in Saskatoon. Don’t have it with me but it is something to the effect of “All Canadians will Pay for this Decision”! What a crock! Finally a democratic decision that affirms the right of the electorate to call the shots! And the media whining about the outcome. Who’s side is the MSM on? Shouldn’t they be rejoicing that the voters have won? That a decision was reached by the people for a change and not by the elected ‘officials’/know-it-alls? There is more than enough money extorted by the politicians from the electors with the blessing of the media. Enough is enough!
    Thanks Jack for the opportunity to state my case.

  • Wildrose

    Just an observation……………this reminds me of what happened here in Canada in the 90’s. Preston Manning and the Reform Party wanted to cut our debt and the powers that be (including our media) at the time tried to make out that the Reformers were just nutty rednecks. I don’t recall all the details of the time, but we all know how this eventually played out. The impact of the USA’s huge debt is assuming the proportions of the force of gravity………you can argue that it doesn’t matter, but it WILL bring you down unless dealt with. They will not be able to hide from this for ever.

  • Jack

    For my friends in the south I keep pushing the Tea Party and it’s goals because it seems to me that elected politicians and many in the US MSM have forgotten who owns the country. In their tiny minds the average voter is a “numphy” who never bothers to follow and knows “zilch” about the momentous decisions being made by their betters who think they do.

    As this US “elite” is finding out to their immense sorrow the silent majority is no longer silent (let’s call them shareholders in a vast enterprise) as they see their lifelong investment being squandered by people who apparently can’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.

    Canada is watching and in it’s first attempt at direct democracy one province just scored a big win. While the word “win” is arguable with some pointing out that BC just shot itself in the foot financially they miss the larger argument. BC politicians have learned this past week that they don’t own their province — the people do — and if it costs a few bucks to drive that truth home so be it. It will be money well spent.

    I continue to believe the Tea Party is on the correct track as the “shareholders” reclaim control of their country. The outrageous spending must stop and in time I’m certain it will even if it means that the Tea Party elects a bag of hammers as their next president. That idea is not beyond the realm of possibility if US “know it all’s” don’t wise up.