Shiver: The Five Most Infantile Beliefs on Display at the ‘Occupy’ Tantrums

What we have here are the biggest, baddest public temper tantrums we’ve seen since 1960s spoiled-brat college kids reverted to the terrible twos and marched, rioted, burned, and bombed their way across America.

So far at least, the violence at “Occupy” tantrums hasn’t reached ’60s-level, though there have been thefts, assaults, rapes, and lots – and lots and lots – of incendiary hate speech.

Old ’60s radicals, now in charge of “mainstream” news, are  all “wee-weed up” — to use President Eloquent’s expression — by the OWS tantrums. This new generation’s display of wasted minds gives the aging-hippie brigade a moment to relive their own misspent youth. These “news” people haven’t had this much thrill going up their legs since Barack Obama hip-hopped his way to the presidency on the wings of ‘60s radical hope-dope.

But what do responsible Americans see in the “Occupy” tantrums?


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