Morning Update December 31st, 2011 (10)


#1 — CNews | Family lucky to survive carbon monoxide poisoning 

OTTAWA – Ditching their detector was a nearly fatal mistake for a Gatineau family, who are lucky to be alive after severe carbon monoxide poisoning.


#2 — Globe | Senators eye changes to way they police themselves

Senators are working on new ways to beef up their own ethics rules, including whether they should be more forthcoming about the money they make on the side.


#3 — LFP | ‘Prepare for battle,’ CAW tells workers

When midnight strikes at London’s Electro-Motive plant, the CAW fears violent clashes with replacement workers whom it will try to stop with union members, their spouses and even their children.


#4 — NP | Omnibus crime bill will target gangs not teens, Justice Minister says

OTTAWA • Canadian jail cells are not going to be filled with teenagers and college students who share marijuana with friends, according to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, who says his crime bill has been grossly misrepresented.


#5 — OC | Canada’s climate change plan ‘farce,’ says Stephane Dion

MONTREAL — The year drew to a close with the United Nations climate-change talks, this time in Durban, again ending in failure to reach an international agreement. Instead, the 192 nations agreed to start work on a new climate-change deal that negotiators hope will be agreed on by 2015 and come into effect from 2020.



#6 — BBC | Bird flu case in China’s Shenzhen city

China has reported its first case of bird flu for 18 months, in the major southern city of Shenzhen.

Preliminary tests on a 39-year-old man admitted to hospital with pneumonia proved positive for the virus.


#7 — CNN | U.S., UAE reach deal for missile-defense system

(CNN) — The United States and the United Arab Emirates have signed a deal for a missile-defense system in the Persian Gulf country, the Pentagon said Friday.


#8 — Fox | Undecided Voters Make for ‘Wide Open’ Iowa Race

In what may be an anomaly in Iowa caucus history, voters are still flitting from candidate to candidate in the final days of the race.


#9 — DM | Sandbrook: The spectre of 1932

The dawn of a new year is usually a time of hope and ambition, of dreams for the future and thoughts of a better life. But it is a long time since many of us looked forward to the new year with such anxiety, even dread.


#10 — Telegraph | Kim Jong-un appointed supreme commander of North Korea’s military

North Korea said on Saturday it has officially appointed Kim Jong-un, anointed successor and the youngest son of the late leader Kim Jong-il, the supreme commander of North Korea’s 1.2 million-strong military.


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