Mead: The “News” That Isn’t News (1)

The Iowa caucuses are coming much too early this year, but it feels as if we have been waiting forever for them to actually arrive.  A barrage of excessive and pointless press coverage has drowned the country for months.  Iowa’s caucus for years was seen as the prequel to the actual presidential race which began with the New Hampshire primary.  Now it is treated as the climax of a long and winding story, every twist and turn of which needs to be breathlessly covered in exquisite detail.

In reality, Iowa is still a prequel rather than a climax; little of significance happened during all those endless months of stultifying coverage.  People followed the ups and downs of obscure campaigns under the delusion that they were following Important News but, as usual, the Iowa caucuses will say more about who won’t be the nominee rather than who will be.  Unless you are a political operative or somebody angling to get an appointment in the next Republican administration, you could safely ignore every word written about the GOP contest up until this point without being any less well informed about the important things going on in the country and the world.


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