Steyn: Politics trumps Left’s empathy (3)

Lest you doubt that we’re headed for the most vicious election year in memory, consider the determined effort, within 10 minutes of his triumph in Iowa, to weirdify Rick Santorum. Discussing the surging senator on Fox News, Alan Colmes mused on some of the “crazy things” he’s said and done.

Santorum has certainly said and done many crazy things, as have most members of America’s political class, but the “crazy thing” Colmes chose to focus on was Santorum’s “taking his two-hour-old baby when it died right after childbirth home,” whereupon he “played with it.” My National Review colleague Rich Lowry rightly slapped down Alan on air, and Colmes subsequently apologized, though not before Mrs. Santorum had been reduced to tears by his remarks. Undeterred, Eugene Robinson, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist, doubled down on stupid and insisted that Deadbabygate demonstrated how Santorum is “not a little weird, he’s really weird.”


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  • Ward

    Are we reading the same article ? The left/media attack without remorse-and with little consequence. You just won’t find equivelences from conservatives.

    • stageleft

      Oh I dare say those on the left who are paying attention most certainly will be able to find equivalences from conservatives Ward – and they will be widely touted by the right as proof of their ultimate depravity…… and the cycle will continue because that’s the way it works these days.

    • Cy

      Michael Savage
      Ezra Levant

      Need more?

  • Fay

    I am not sure who would have the moral authority on who decides who gets the right to complain or criticize in the US. Unfortunately Canadians have Human rights commissions intimidate the majority into silence.
    How is that working out for us????

    • Cy

      I put the word moral in there so to avoid this response.
      Free speech ensures that anyone legally has the right to complain about anything. But the right is going to complain about Obama regardless because he’s a Democrat and of course those other reasons you guys don’t like to talk about. This, despite the fact that his mantra so far has been an extension of 3 presidents you would vote for otherwise. To me, that doesn’t seem very moral but that’s politics.

      Put another way … people EXPECT the right to attack Obama regardless so their opinions don’t count for much in evaluating his performance.

      Also, judging by the kind of cases the HRC has prosecuted, if the majority of Canadians want to do/say such things then we are not nearly as advanced of a nation as we think. Probably shouldn’t be lecturing China.

    • stageleft

      What particular majority is being intimidated into silence Fay?

      • Cy

        The new definition of freedom of speech also includes freedom from consequences. Didn’t you get the memo?

  • beentherdonethat

    “Distant history books (more free from partisan jabbing) will record Obama’s reign as being not much different from Bush II’s”

    Just another ho hum nothing to see here folks he’s just the same as all the rest move along moment? Unbelievable.

  • Cy

    The only people who have the moral right to complain about Obama are his strongest supporters. Distant history books (more free from partisan jabbing) will record Obama’s reign as being not much different from Bush II’s:

    -Gitmo not closed
    -Banks got a bailout
    -No one’s mortgage has been paid off by the state
    -NDAA and other restrictive legislation in the name of fighting terrorism
    -New attacks on Islamic territory (Libya so far; maybe Syria later)

    Most of O’s supporters were led to believe that he would be doing the opposite.

  • Jack

    I agree with Mark on this issue completely. There are times when those people who get tingles up their legs rooting for Obama totally disgust me. This is one of them.

    • stageleft

      Rooting for your party leader, in the face of any particular logic or factual event, is now an established and honoured part of the North American political process Jack – and it is one that is engaged in by [it would seem] the majority of party adherents both north or south of the border

      • Jack

        I take it you support this assinign conduct on the part of the US left. I don’t and it has nothing to with “my leader”…it has a lot to do with civil conduct on the part of all political parties as they compete.

        This situation is disgusting and to imply that I am partisan I take as a slap in the face. You tell me why I’m wrong.

        Do you disagree with Steyn? If so, why?

        • stageleft

          Not in the least Jack, there was nothing personal in that comment. I’m simply pointing out the general degenerative state of politics in North America (maybe the entire western world).

          Admittedly I pay little attention to foreign politics these days, but as I remember them from when I did this doesn’t actually surprise me – they’ve been getting more and more vicious on a personal level down there for years now. This is just the latest disgusting step in the wrong direction, fear not, Republicans will probably answer the call and do something equally despicable before it’s over, and then the Dems will trump that, and the Reps will trump that, and so on and so forth.

          What’s happening down there should be a heads up for Canadians. Unfortunately we’re headed in the same direction of personal political blood-sport in the Canadian arena, and I’m sure we’re all aware of examples on all sides that can be cited that tell that sad tale….. not at this level mind you, but if things don’t change we’ll get there soon enough.