Alberts: ‘Super PACs’ and U.S. politics’ era of limitless mud slinging (13)

CHARLESTON, South Carolina — The assault on Newt Gingrich’s character began in early December and was as methodical as it was merciless.

In the month before Iowa’s presidential caucuses on Jan. 3, Republicans in the Hawkeye State couldn’t turn on a television, open a newspaper or listen to their radios without being confronted with negative advertising depicting the former House Speaker as nothing less than a lying, cheating, mean mistreating, good-for-nothing Washington insider.

Some of the ads came courtesy of Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s campaign, others from Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

But the overwhelming majority — more than $4 million worth — was produced and paid for by a political action committee called Restore Our Future, operated by deep-pocketed friends and former aides to Mitt Romney.

“Newt has more baggage than the airlines,” the announcer said in one of the anti-Gingrich spots.

“Watching local newscasts, it was just one negative ad after another,” says Dennis Goldford, a political-science professor at Drake University in the Iowa capital of Des Moines. “Gingrich just got washed away by this tsunami of negative ads.”

As it was in Iowa, so it is in South Carolina.


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  • beentheredonethat

    Whatever has been the most watched event in history would pale in comparison to an Obama/Gingrich presidential debate. Romney – Obama’s dream. Gingrich – Obama’s nightmare. Obama would have to be carried out on a stretcher. Attention liberals about to google the telephone # for Secret Service, it’s called metaphorically speaking.

    • Jack

      Re: “Romney – Obama’s dream. Gingrich – Obama’s nightmare. ”

      I doubt Obama would debate Gingrich. Many excuses coming from the left on that point.

  • Susie

    The NDP and the Liberals brought it down with the media for the last 5 years. It has been despicable what they and the bloggers have said. Remember–Mr. Harper shaking hands with his son outside of school–wafter-gate–showing up late for a picture. There are numerous examples of the deplorable media circus IN CANADA.

    • stageleft

      You forgot about PMSH, the Conservatives, and their bloggers, painting those who didn’t support a crime bill they had before the House as pedophile supporters Suzie – no matter what some would like to believe, there are no innocents.

      That said, it’s only a matter of time before Canadian party politics reaches beneath its collective feet and digs the cesspit it is in deep enough to get into the personal lives of party leaders or other politicians, dredge up as much crap as possible, and smear it as wide as possible, in their quest for power.

      Don’t believe me…. wait a couple of election cycles, we’re almost there.

      • Fay

        You amaze me Stage Left. it actually looks like you are defending CNN. Why?

        • stageleft

          Not sure how skewed your sight would have to be to see something like that Fay – it just ain’t there.

          — but I would appreciate it if you pointed to any statement, or hint of a statement, of any defence of CNN, that you think you see so that I can better articulate my thoughts in the future.

          I’ll read it when I get back – I’m needing a couple of days out of the city pretty bad and will be gone before the virtual ink is dry on this comment :-)

      • Jack

        Re: “Don’t believe me…. wait a couple of election cycles, we’re almost there.”

        Let’s try about five majority governments in a row (Harper led).

        I was in the barbershop the other day and we had a huge laugh as we discussed Canadian politics. I was muttering about “thieving bastards” and then I noted that MacKenzie-King (who was batty as a bed bug) lasted 25 years (actually, it was 22).

        I wondered whether Harper was going to outdo him and then pointed out that you would have to be nuts to take that bet considering the railroad track our “left” is now on.

        That’s when the barber shop broke up laughing and they weren’t laughing at me. Or maybe they were — I don’t know. I’ve been muttering “thieving bastards” every time I looked at my pay cheque for what seems decades now.

        For the first time in my working career it seems to me that my FEDERAL government is finally listening to me.

        I approve.

      • beentheredonethat

        Not for a couple of election cycles? The slobbing liberal media hacks are well on their way to earning their merit badges in this dirty game right here in Canada.

  • stageleft

    Anyone willing to entertain bets as to how long it takes our system to descend to the same level?

    • beentheredonethat

      ‘Twisted Sister’ sums it up very well from a conservative point of view………… happened right here in Canada last election. Hopefully it will happen in America in November.

  • Don

    Talk about articulate, Gingrich wiped the floor with that CNN announcer. The video is well worth saving.

  • beentheredonethat

    “All politicians love to hate the media”

    Not just politicians, sl. The vast majority of us just plain ‘ol ordinary folk generally despise the media as well. Although this article focuses on Americans, I have absolutely no doubt the same embarassing percentages could be applied this side of the border. In Jack’s sidebar video the identity of the messenger is immaterial. The message being conveyed is stamped with the return addresses of the vast vast majority of people.

  • stageleft

    Republicans slinging mud at Republicans and then hoping Republicans who vote will vote for the Republican who slings the most/best mud, or who the least mud sticks to – what a process.

    Took your suggestion and watched the video, if one had the inclination I bet it wouldn’t take too much effort (and don’t look at me, I’m not interested enough to bother) to find a few choice quotes Gingrich made in the media about Clinton having someone under the desk.

    All politicians love to hate the media – unless the media is doing something they like ‘eh?

  • Jack

    Don’t miss the sidebar video. Gingrich came down on CNN like the hammers of hell and rightly so.

    • Jean

      OUCH ! Like taking off a BAND-AID on someones hairy butt as slowly as possible pulling out one hair at a time. 😉 LOL !