Romney struggles to hold off Gingrich (12)

Columbia (South Carolina): Mitt Romney is struggling to hold on to the mantle of inevitable Republican presidential nominee as South Carolinians prepare to cast votes in their primary election on Saturday, with the latest polls giving rival Newt Gingrich the advantage.

The former Massachusetts governor had until this week looked like he was destined to win the Republican ticket to challenge Barack Obama in this November’s general election, but a deluge of negative news has thrown that into doubt.

“Clearly, it’s close enough that one could see either Gingrich or Romney winning” on Saturday, said Charles Bierbauer, a veteran of presidential races who teaches at the University of South Carolina.


Afternoon Updates:

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  • Lindsay

    All I hear reported about is the nomination for the Grand Old Party – don’t the Democrats even hold nomination hearings?

    Oh they do – I found who they are in Wikipedia. Did you know Vermin Supreme (weird performance artist) is qualified in New Hampshire? And the other guy, Randall Terry, only seems to be propagandising Pro-Life? (Which I agree with.)

    So the answer is NO! The Democrats are not even going through the motions.