Harnden: The fight is on! (11)

What a turnaround! A week ago, it look like Mitt Romney was going to head into the Florida primary with three victories under his belt. Then it turned out that Rick Santorum won Iowa after all and South Carolina voters backed Newt Gingrich, delivering a message to Romney and the media: “Not so fast!”

So, for the first time in Republican history there’s been a three-way split decisionbetween Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Next up, in 10 days’ time, is Florida, where Romney holds a solid double-digit lead and has the money and organisation that should ensure he wins a large state with nine separate television markets.

Of course, Romney’s emphatic 16-point win in New Hampshire and consequent double-digit poll lead here in South Carolina should have delievered him victory tonight so no one in Romneyworld will be taking anything for granted in the Sunshine State.

What did it for Gingrich here? Two very strong debate performances were key. His best moment was his exchange with Juan Williams of Fox in Monday’s Myrtle Beach debate in which he gave full-throated voice to the conservative philosophy of self-help and free enterprise as well as casting aside political correctness and racial tiptoeing.

Then, the much-ballyhooed ABC News interview with his second wife Marianne backfired spectacularly. CNN gave Gingrich a gift by asking him about the “open marriage” allegation right at the start of Thursday’s debate in Charleston. Savaging the “liberal media” is almost invariably a winner in Republican primaries and Gingrich took full advantage.


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  • stageleft

    Is there any chance there is a twitter hashtag for this refusal of Canadians to watch a foreign head of state speech?

    Could I suggest #No2SoTU so I can track it?

  • http://www.jacksnewsatch.com fernstalbert

    Since I don’t tweet – I am unable to pass on your civil disobedience message. However, will not watch this unqualified disaster, telepront his way through a boring, meaningless speech – head roll to the left, head roll to the right. I will read the sad sack presentation through the eyes and words of a “drunk blogger”. Their guts and sacrifice on our behalf is to be admired. Cheers.

    • stageleft

      Refusing to watch a foreign media event is not civil disobedience fernstalbert, you have to break a law, or refuse to follow what the state you are living in considers to be a lawful order, for it to be civil disobedience.

      What you are doing is simply not watching a foreign media event – and since that media event is geared to Americans, and not foreigners, what (should they discover you have not watched their president speak his propaganda piece) do you think this refusal will mean to rank and file Americans?

      Note: that comment makes the assumption that you are not American – if you are, my apologies, it’s still not civil disobedience, but it does mean something.

  • Jack

    Quick thought: Obama plans his “State of the Union” address for Tuesday night. In a move that will be guaranteed to drive news channels “nuts” my belief is everyone should turn off their TV’s or change the channel at the appropriate time if they disapprove of him. I do and won’t be watching.

    Go play cards or something for an hour.

    Maybe someone can “tweet” that thought (very loud tweets recommended) if they like the idea. There’s no telling what will happen next as the “powers that be” all come to realize Obama was yattering away to empty rooms across the nation because “viewer stats” suddenly and inexplicably drop through the floor.

    Call it a “survey” of political approval “writ large”. It’s the same principle which applies in a movie theatre when the audience all walks out (or never turns up in the first place) when a very bad film is played. They soon get the message.


    I just “tweeted” this comment but I have a tiny voice. “However”, I note that every good idea (or not) first starts in a very small room and if Twitter is powerful enough to start revolutions it is “sure enough” powerful enough to start a major boycott of renegade political aspirations running totally off the rails, especially when you consider this event is still 48 hours away.

    Why do I recommend this action? I’m no “activist”.

    Because there is no better way to send a signal to the President, his “flunkies” and the “LSM” that he is despised and must go. Newt has said as much and for good reason. I support him and there is no reason for Newt to rebut Obama if nobody has bothered to listen to him. Obama’s speech will be a “Non sequitur” and anything he mutters is of no importance in the larger picture. People who care about country will miss nothing.

    I will add — Obama should be “tuned out” everytime he appears on any network.

    He’s “done” — “like dinner” — and Americans can show their disapproval by changing the channel routinely as soon as some “butthead” in the MSM brings him up in a positive way. There is nothing “positive” about him. He is a destroyer of all that America values and holds dear.

    He is also an unqualified, misinformed idiot.

    If American brought back Jimmy Carter tomorrow morning that would be a “plus” for the country. To compare Obama to “Jimmy” is an insult to America’s worst president. Obama has broke the mold.

    My view — the American economy speaks for itself and all on his behest in three long years. A six year old child would have had better judgement than this moron.

    I believe that — “truly”.

    • beentheredonethat

      I wouldn’t doubt that the after speech poll (by the honest agencies) will indicate the lowest ratings in the history of State of the Union addresses. The faux CIC will probably roll out a few genuine military heros turning them into political victims. All to try to make himself look good. Maybe even a few ‘shout outs’ here and there and then (God help us) maybe even break out into another song. I’m with you, Jack. Not on my television. I hope millions do as you suggest and tweet for the twit.

    • stageleft

      Why are you interested in trying to influence the outcome of a foreign election Jack?

      Would you be happy with foreigners actively attempting to influence Canadian elections?

  • Joe

    So a used olive oil salesman, a boyscout and a street fighter decided to run for the GOP. (we will leave the loon out since he hasn’t won anything except the undying loyalties of his cult followers)
    The used olive oil salesman was slick and smooth. Like a oil slick on water he was miles wide and a micron thick. The people said wow until they began to learn that he was a vulture capitalist with tons of cash stored safely overseas. His presidential stock plummeted.
    The boyscout was a earnest little fellow. He huffed and puffed in all the right places and the people of Ohio said good enough for me. The Obamites decided to prick his pretensions and brought up a dead baby. Of course being the boyscout he was he couldn’t answer their salacious accusations and the people looked elsewhere.
    The street fighter was wise in the ways of the world. He was not smooth like the olive oil salesman, he was not innocent like the boyscout. He knew that the Obamites included the MSM and from years of experience he laid low first the Fox News Liberal then the CNN gadfly gossip. The people stood and cheered. At last at long last someone had taken the leftist high ground and beat them over the head with it.

    • Cy

      The delicious irony is that at best it will put the GOP right where it ridiculed the Dems for being – in the office with a guy who knows how to campaign but not how to govern. Obama-hate will become as irrelevant as Bush-hate became, except this time there will be no excuse because EVERYONE was aware of President Gingrich’s record.

      • beentheredonethat

        “EVERYONE was aware of President Gingrich’s record.”

        Well, that’d be a nice change huh? Nobody can say that about Obama. Imagine, actually knowing who a man is and what a mans stands for before electing him to the Oval Office. What a novel idea. Obama spent a fortune sealing his past up forever from public scrutiny well in advance.

  • Cy

    … and all it took was a light Southern Strategy.
    Here is the problem – 3 major votes and 3 winners = disaster. Can hatred of Obama really substitute for a platform? Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich and Romney were not all saying the same thing, yet they’ve all been pitched as the “saviour” on different weeks.

    Does this not all look a bit flaky to you, Jack?

    • Jack

      Not at all, Cy. It was expected after Newt dumped on John King and I saw the audience reaction. American voters are looking for a real brawl with Obama because of his ongoing stupidity.

      Look for more of the same in Florida. It’s a happening thing.

      “Gingrich’s success here in South Carolina shows more than just a skepticism toward establishment Republicanism. It also shows a hunger for real substance in the campaign, for a candidate who will talk to voters and give them more than phrases like “I believe in America.” Mitt Romney’s team of seasoned campaign professionals may not think Newt Gingrich has any business playing a deciding role in the race. But they better believe it, and they better take seriously what the Gingrich challenge represents — before it’s too late.”