Wiles: Newt Brings Gaelic Fury To The GOP Race (15)

“Kit” Daugherty’s fine broth of a boy just upended Republican politics.

Newt Gingrich’s winning streak may not last. But, until then, American voters have front row seats to enjoy something very old. Julius Caesar’s troops experienced it when they landed in Britannia in 55 B.C. CNN’s John King just experienced it too. And he’s still walking funny – which is a lucky break for him.

After South Carolina’s GOP primary, Mitt Romney’s missing a few teeth.

How did this happen? Well, Governor Romney, shake hands with Gaelic fury.

The Gaelic Fury is Newt Gingrich, son of Kathleen Daugherty and one Newton Leroy McPherson. Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Newt was raised by his Mom and stepdad after his parents divorced. Most honorably, Gingrich’s step-father adopted Newt and gave him his name.


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“Newt’s now like one of those nuked Japanese film creatures that not only was not destroyed but is back, bigger, badder and more cheesed off than ever. ”

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  • CRB

    I wonder if the 14% that Mitt paid in income tax paid for even one of the O’hole’s vacation or Mrs. O’s vacations. How much did it cost the US gov’t to bring ‘Bo’ the first families dog back for the photo op a few weeks back. Would that ‘only 14% have paid those bills???
    Just askin!

  • Jack

    Just a quick note: This morning in a link something came up which is important to consider regarding Newt’s campaign:

    “NBC’s decision to forbid the studio audience from applauding, plus Brian Williams’ evident fear of being flayed alive on stage by either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney, dictated that this debate would be far less energetic than the South Carolina episodes. But no one forced Williams to conduct the entire first half hour without ever asking a single policy question. He asked questions about the candidates’ records and how each has lately characterized the others’, and that produced a slow but argumentative start.”

    My personal view is that the NBC debate rules effectively silenced Newt and more importantly, his audience. That is very serious business and it should not be permitted to continue.

    Just saying.

  • Joe

    A good number of Americans were sorely disappointed by the failure of John McCain to fight during the last election. They certainly don’t want a repeat of that and most seem to feel that is what they would get with Mittens.

  • Don

    Fool me once…shame on you…fool me twice …..shame on me!!

    I believe Newt is the fighter the people are looking for to dethrown Obama.

  • beentheredonethat

    The MSM chose America’s President in 2008. I think perhaps they’re going to have a more difficult time choosing the President in 2012. This time around the voters are more inclined to remember the old saying fool me once shame on me…….

    • Don D.

      Off topic slightly but, this A.M. Fox News reported that Romney paid 14% income tax on his investment earnings.
      Meanwhile, ABC News reported that Romney paid “ONLY” 14% income tax on his earnings.
      Is this not a perfect example of msn bias ?