O’Sullivan: Send Us Newt (15)

The arguments against Gingrich are not compelling

Last fall, people in Washington told me, “Get over it, Melissa. Newt’s not going to be the nominee.” Later, in New York City over Thanksgiving, I was told, “Get over it, Melissa. It’s going to be Romney. There’s still so much stuff out there on Newt that’s just waiting to drop.”

Well, here we are in the thick of the race, and I’m still not over it.

Many years ago, I spent a frustrating morning trying to ice skate when it hit me: I wasn’t trying to ice skate; I was trying not to fall. I submit that the Republican establishment is repeating my mistake. They are trying not to fall by endorsing — or at least accepting — the supposed safe bet. It is reminiscent of an encounter I had with some editorial types during another presidential-primary season.

I was in New York with my husband, John, a former editor and current editor-at-large of National Review. He had arranged to meet some friends from theWall Street Journal for lunch. At the eleventh hour, John had a conflict, and I went in his place. As the meal developed into an election-strategy discussion, one distinguished woman writer declared firmly that obviously the most qualified person to carry the Republican banner into the election was John McCain. She said it was a pity that the Republican rhubarbs in the sticks would not be bright enough to choose him.

“Wow!” I thought, “Mr. Campaign Finance Reform? Our nominee?” I remember being truly stunned that she thought so highly of McCain. Well, she and the Republican establishment got their wish, and we rhubarbs in the sticks got the shaft.

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  • Jack

    I note on Drudge today the media is in full attack mode over Newt.


    “Scary stuff” for Newt — UNLESS you stop to consider that the GOP primary in that state will NOT be decided by polls, news organizations, GOP “big shots” or Obama.

    It will be decided by the so far silent Florida Tea Party. A “quiet movement” which all “lefties” are ignoring at their peril.

    That isn’t exactly news.

    That’s just the way things are.

    US “elites” (“Romney or bust” know nothings) can read it and weep.

    My view: “Newt R Us” and Melissa are completely correct. I’m calling another “Newt blowout” in Florida similar to South Carolina which all Obama boosters and the media failed to pick up on less than a month ago until it happened.

    They refuse to learn but they will in due course.

    Here’s what Canada learned recently. Many years ago (read Joe Clark and Brian Mulroney) our conservative movement was taken over by “Liberals in drag” — RINO’s). Same, same in the US this very day. Romney is clearly a US “RINO” and as Harper has taught Canada, voters should beware because he has changed our picture as he fired the “RINO’s.

    We have never looked back because he is correct. The “leftie” hydra is dying in Canada this day as he chops off their heads — several at at a time.

    Newt is the US “Harper” (same ideas, same goals) and that is a very different picture.

    Canada is doing well this day. Not so the US as the “no minds” in the crowd continue to scream “RINO, RINO, RINO”. We’ve “been there, done that” and now know. I think it’s time for change south of the “49th” and therefore the reason why I defend Newt. He can think, quite unlike the “elite” he is fighting, many of whom cannot walk and chew bubble gum at the same time as they retain power and in the process destroy their country.

    With them it’s all about power (example: Bob Rae who will never gain power in this country in my lifetime) — with Newt it’s “up yours”. Newt is correct, as is Harper and I expect Florida to come through as the ‘USS America’ ship continues to right itself. Florida will not betray the country by voting “Romney”. They aren’t that stupid.

    And Tea Parties (even silent ones) do count.

    Old RSM wisdom. “When the troops are bitching everything is fine. When they go silent you know that you are in deep shit.”

    Florida is like that this very day. It’s time for change and the state knows it. Romney is “yesterday’s news” in Florida. The state cannot afford him UNLESS he puts his money where his mouth is (and he won’t).

    You read it here first.