Desperate Greek leaders battle through the night (15)

Greek leaders have failed to sign off new austerity measures needed to clinch a 130billion euro bailout after battling through the night.

But prime minister Lucas Papademos said he hoped to strike a deal within hours following the gruelling seven hours’ negotiation.

He said chiefs of the three parties in his coalition had agreed on every point except one.

The Greek leader is now determined to get the go-ahead before a eurozone finance meeting in Brussels at 5pm today.

The long-awaited bailout would be the second for troubled Greece since 2010, with a dire year forecast for the economy.

Mr Papademos said party leaders had agreed on all points ‘with one exception which requires further inspection and discussion with the troika (Greece’s international lenders)’.


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Don’t get to excited about this yet.  The Greek parliament still has to ratify the deal and that is not at all assured.

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