Athens ablaze as Greece votes in favour of £110bn bailout (15)

Greek MPs last night voted in favour of a controversial austerity bill as rioters again took to the streets and set buildings alight.

The punishing cuts to wages and pensions are fiercely stoking tensions in the near-bankrupt country.

Yet if the bill was not passed, Greece would have been denied a £110billion EU bailout package and finally run out of money.

During a stormy debate, MPs said the country faced a grim choice between bankruptcy through leaving the euro or approving the bailout and suffering years of hardship.

Prior to the vote, five ministers had quit and the prime minister warned Greece was just a ‘breath away from Ground Zero’.

Lucas Papademos warned that any rejection of the deal would lead to ‘uncontrollable economic chaos and social explosion’. Despite his words, thousands took to the streets urging the MPs to reject the cuts bill. They were greeted by almost 4,000 riot police and the two sides fought battles.


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  • jt

    If Soros is squawking, Merkle is doing the right thing. Sucks to be a Sore-ous, eh?

  • abacist

    The key to global financial recuperation may well lie in the text of Isaiah 9:10 as it sets out seven harbingers (warnings) regarding the spirit of defiance.

    See Sid Roth’s interview with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on youtube parts one and two.

    There’s mention of the seventh year and debt forgiveness being observed. World leaders need to be apprised of these foundational economic principles. Especially since neither stimulus injections nor austerity measures will work against the financial meltdowns.

    Angela Merkel, in particular at this time needs to have a hard look at this video.

  • fernstalbert

    Advice from Soros equals chaos. He thrives and enjoys the misery of humanity. Hopefully the Germans will ignore this wilfully destructive man – I pity the Greeks – they think the Germans are their problem – its actually Soros and his minions. Cheers.

  • Hynd

    Soros, the man who would bankrupt the US, to make a buck. He is in it for himself and no one else.