Morning Update February 15th, 2012 (10)


#1 — CNews | CBSA sends fugitive packing 

VANCOUVER — A fugitive on Canada’s Most Wanted list, apprehended in Surrey, B.C., last month, has been deported, according to Canada Border Services Agency.


#2 — Globe | Former B.C. attorneys-general call for legalization of marijuana

Spurred in part by the point-blank shooting of a known gangster in an upscale Vancouver hotel, four former attorneys-general of British Columbia have added their voices to a chorus calling for the legalization of marijuana, saying current laws are resulting in a worsening spiral of violence and crime.


#3 — LFP | ‘That’s the end of horse racing’

Any bid to cancel Ontario horse racing’s share of slots revenue will kill a $2.6-billion industry that employs 65,000 people, its leaders warn.


#4 — NP | Ivison: Ottawa sets sights on armed drones

The Harper Cabinet has discussed a potential solution to its F-35 fighter jet dilemma — the use of armed drones.


#5 — OC | Stakeholders brace for sweeping changes on environmental protection laws

OTTAWA — Industry and conservation groups are bracing for the federal government to introduce sweeping changes this month to reduce Canada’s environmental protection laws in order to speed up reviews on proposed projects.



#6 — BBC | New Zealand halts farm sale to China’s Shanghai Pengxin

A New Zealand court has blocked a move by the government to allow Chinese investors to buy farms in the country.


#7 — CNN | FCC set to impose new limits on automated telemarketing calls

Washington (CNN) — The Federal Communications Commission is making it harder for telemarketing companies to call or text message you.


#8 — Fox | US, Europe eye risky, unprecedented penalty for Iran over pursuit of nuclear weapons

WASHINGTON –  The United States and Europe are considering unprecedented punishment against Iran that could immediately cripple the country’s financial lifeline. But it’s an extreme option in the banking world that would come with its own costs.


#9 — DM | Time to extend the barn? Record-breaking Texas bull has whopping 9ft 1in horns

A Texas Longhorn bull that more than lives up to its name has smashed the record for the world’s longest horns.


#10 — Telegraph | Muslim girl ‘attacked by siblings for kiss’

Muslim teenager Shamima Akhtar was kidnapped, imprisoned and had her hair cut off after her family saw her kiss a white man on her 18th birthday, a court has heard.


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  • stageleft

    Former B.C. attorneys-general call for legalization of marijuana When one contemplates the millions, and millions, and millions, (dare I say billions over the years) of tax payer dollars that Canada spends in police time, court time, public defenders, judicial and correctional infrastructure, and care and maintenance of prisoners, one has to wonder when government will finally acknowledge that the war on Mary Jane has failed – miserably.

    If government was smart it would spend its time worrying about real criminals, legalize marijuana and tax it for general revenue, and throttle the black market its policies have created, instead of throwing more in short supply public dollars into the bottomless pit of trying to prevent the unpreventable.

    • Jean

      I agree tough on crime should mean tough on real crime that causes true victims like assaults, theft, home invasions, murder, serious fraud and not simple possession of marijuana for personal use.

      The Liberals had. and still have, their irrational policy sacred cows and so do the Conservatives, and the problem is that these where, and seem to be, impervious to objections based on facts and logic, or plain old ” pragmatic ” common sense. ( I guess you could say that I’m on the Libertarian edge of Conservative supporters and “some” of their policies are stupid as they are, but could be O.K. with ” Intelligent ” amendments taking personal freedom into serious consideration as ” The Core Value ” ).

    • beentheredonethat

      I support de-criminalizing simple possession of marijuana. I support it being ‘legalized’ to the extent that liquor is with similar restrictions. I must say that for about the last 15 yrs until retirement myself and many colleagues simply refused to charge anyone for simply possession. I believe that the majority of police officers conduct themselves in a similar fashion. The evidence ended up ‘blowing in the wind’. The former owner was told to smarten up and everybody went on their way.