Afternoon Update February 22nd, 2012 (10)


#1 — CNews | Pregnant Chinese women conning immigration system 

OTTAWA – The government plans to crack down on a scam in which pregnant Chinese women are coming to Canada for the sole purpose of giving birth so the child becomes a citizen, QMI Agency has learned.


#2 — Globe | Missing women inquiry shifts to panel-style format

After 52 days of hearing from police officers and experts who’ve attempted to shed light on why Robert Pickton was able to kill for so long, the head of the missing women inquiry now wants input from groups of witnesses.


NP | Victims’ families angered by surprise shift to ‘less adversarial’ hearings at Pickton inquiry

#3 — LFP | Anne Murray protests wind turbines

Anne Murray has written a letter to the premier of Nova Scotia asking him to reconsider installing wind turbines near Pugwash.


NP | Anne Murray, Tim Hortons’ magnate Ron Joyce tee off over wind farm

#4 — NP | ‘Toadyism wins:’ Councillors rage after TTC board sacks Toronto transit chief Gary Webster

Gary Webster’s tenure as head of the TTC crashed to a halt Tuesday evening as Mayor Rob Ford, fresh off a critical defeat on the transit expansion file, touted a need for “major change” within the commission’s leadership.


#5 — OC | Harkat appeal puts new security certificate law to a renewed test

OTTAWA — Canada’s new and improved security certificate law continues to deny terror suspects the detailed information they need to defend themselves, the Federal Court of Appeal has heard.



#6 — BBC | ‘Four’ more bodies from Costa Concordia wreck found

Search teams have found four more bodies in the wreck of the cruise ship Costa Concordia which capsized on 13 January, Italian media report.


#7 — CNN | Defense to make final pitch in Hosni Mubarak’s trial

Cairo (CNN) — The defense will give closing remarks Wednesday in the trial of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak after prosecutors demanded the former president be held responsible for the deaths of protesters during the clashes that led to his ouster last year.


Alarabia| Egypt’s court sets date for issuing final verdict in Mubarak trial

#8 — Fox | Obama administration to unveil corporate tax reform plan to lower top rate to 28 percent, lose loopholes

The Obama administration plans to unveil a long-awaited corporate tax reform plan on Wednesday, lowering the top income-tax rate for corporations to 28 percent from 35 percent while eliminating deductions.


#9 — DM | If they find you they will kill you

Syrian forces murdered journalist Marie Colvin after pledging to kill ‘any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil’, it emerged today.


#10 — Telegraph | Cristina Kirchner told to leave Falkland Islanders alone, by Argentina’s intellectuals

Cristina Kirchner has been warned to leave Falkland Islanders to decide their own future as Argentina’s president faced a backlash from a group of the South American country’s leading thinkers.


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  • beentheredonethat

    “One can easily imagine……”

    No one can’t, not at all in fact. Besides, if some foreign country wants to enact such a requirement so what? It’s their country and they can do what they want. If a pregnant Canadian student doesn’t want to abide by another country’s laws, tough noggies. Don’t go. Besides, go ahead and launch a national search for a pregnant Canadian student willing to go and specifically give birth in a foreign country and it’ll be a heck of a long search. Good luck with that. It’s long overdue that we worry a lot more about our country and a little less about the rest of the world.

  • stageleft

    Pregnant Chinese women conning immigration system

    I wonder what proof there is of this supposed scam? Oh I know it will plays well with the anti-immigrant crowd but really – aren’t there even just a few questions that need asking before one simply accepts QMI & Kenney’s word on this?

    Changes being considered include making pregnancy exams a condition of obtaining visas……

    Why am I not surprised? What a stupid invasive stupid “solution“.

    Maybe we should also consider fitting them with chastity belts just before stamping their visa’s so they don’t get pregnant while they are here?

    …… or maybe force regular monthly pregnancy exams while they are here and cancel their visa and deport them post haste if they are found to be in a family way?

    Good morning m’am, we’re from Customs & Immigration Service… would you please pee on this stick for us. Yes m’am, on the stick – thank you m’am, oh, we’re sorry, it turned blue – please come to the airport with us now.

    One can easily imagine the general government outrage should Canadian women be forced to undergo a pregnancy exam before entering some foreign country on a student visa — but here it is on the government list for foreign women.

    …… and rewriting rules so automatic citizenship does not come with birth on Canadian soil.

    – a change that would make sense.

    • Jack

      Re: “…… and rewriting rules so automatic citizenship does not come with birth on Canadian soil.

      – a change that would make sense.”


    • beentheredonethat

      If they rewrite the rules so automatic citizenship does not come with birth on Canadian soil then any pregnancy test becomes a moot point. If I had either the time or inclination to do so (I have neither) I could lay out a list of immigration scams that are, and have been for decades, perpetrated on our country would be as long as a person’s arm. The fact that we finally have a federal government that wants to actually do something about this serious problem, and it is serious, is guaranteed to offend the progressives and the liberals. Let the shrilling begin.

  • beentheredonethat

    Re:#1. “Changes being considered include making pregnancy exams a condition of obtaining visas, and rewriting rules so automatic citizenship does not come with birth on Canadian soil.”

    Not difficult to do. It doesn’t need a decade to impliment. Just get it done PDQ and move on to closing the next Liberal ‘we are the world’ backdoor loophole to citizenship.
    And while we’re at it take down that bloody Liberal ‘Canada is for Sale’ sign.