Editorial: Obama’s Double Talk on Sky-High Gas Prices (3)

Energy: When gas prices hit $4 a gallon in 2008, candidate Barack Obama said it was due to previous failed energy policies. Now that prices are heading still higher, President Obama calls it progress.

Already, pump prices are higher than they’ve been in previous years, suggesting they will top $4 soon and possibly reach an unprecedented $5 this summer.

President Obama is starting to notice the political implications. So he sent Robert Gibbs — now a top campaign adviser — out to tell the public not to worry.

“Just on Friday, the Department of the Interior issued permits that will expand our exploration in the Arctic,” Gibbs said Sunday. “Our domestic oil production is at an eight-year high, and our use of foreign oil is at a 16-year low. So we’re making progress.”

“Progress” isn’t exactly how Obama described the country’s energy picture in 2008, when gas prices were closing in on $4 a gallon. Then, it was a clear sign of “Washington’s failure to lead on energy,” which was “turning the middle-class squeeze into a devastating vise-grip for millions of Americans.”


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  • beentheredonethat

    Winnipeg today $103.9.

  • jt

    $4.00 USD = $1.05, pretty close to prices in Calgary these days, if the dollar is at par.
    $6.00 USD = $1.58, that’s getting up there
    We’re at 105.9 the lowest here in Calgary. Edmonton area will be a few cents cheaper. What’s yours?
    US gal = 3.78541 liters CDN = 4.54609 liters
    Hmmmm. Might be cheaper to reverse the traffic flow from border states to provinces just to fill up soon. Now that would really be a change you could hope for, especially states bordering Ontario.

    • WCT

      Sidney, BC (Vancouver Island) is $117.9 but there have been crazy swings in price on the lower Island – I can drive into Victoria and return within an hour and see a number of changes in price.