Afternoon Update March 5th, 2012 (10)


#1 — CS |Man. town surprised by asbestos dumping

WINNIPEG – Residents in the northern Manitoba town of Gillam are demanding answers after tonnes of debris from Northern Ontario containing asbestos arrived to be buried in their town dump.


#2 — Globe | Five reasons why Iceland should adopt the Canadian dollar

The idea of Iceland adopting the Canadian dollar isn’t as nutsy as it might seem to some.


#3 — LFP | Media lines up early for Rafferty trial

UPDATE: 8:46 — The media descended on the London courthouse this morning waiting for the trial of Michael Rafferty which begins at 10 a.m. Reporters started lining up about 5:30 a.m. to ensure they would get a spot in the main courtroom on the 14th floor.


#4 — NP | Christy Clark insists she doesn’t know attempted-murderer Jaspal Atwal

VANCOUVER — British Columbia Premier Christy Clark insists she doesn’t know attempted-murderer Jaspal Atwal, even though he was invited to a recent budget speech and she “may have shook his hand” at a campaign rally.


#5 — OC | Inglorious beginnings: Experts trace humanity’s origins to ancient worm

CALGARY — It seems an inglorious beginning, but some scientists are now convinced humanity’s origins can be traced to an ancient, flat, fishlike worm.



#6 — BBC | Iran overturns death sentence for ‘CIA spy’ Hekmati

Iran’s Supreme Court has overturned the death sentence given to an Iranian-American national accused of spying for the CIA and ordered a retrial.


#7 — CNN | New Syrian videos claim to show more deaths after fall of Baba Amr

(CNN) — New videos posted from the Syrian flashpoint city of Homs suggest a fresh wave of killings by the Syrian military after the fall of the neighborhood of Baba Amr.


Telegraph | Thirteen French officers ‘captured by Syrian Army’

Telegraph | Syrian ‘stalemate’ shows UN ‘not fit for purpose’, says head of General Assembly (UN epiphany?)

#8 — Fox | Senator calls for probe into possible privacy violations by smartphone applications

WASHINGTON –  A New York senator is urging the Federal Trade Commission to investigate possible privacy violations by smart phone applications.


#9 — DM | Girl, 3, hospitalised after swallowing 37 MAGNETS which tore her insides apart

A three-year-old girl has made a miraculous recovery after swallowing 37 powerful magnets which tore up her intestines.

Payton Bushnell is still in hospital after the rare Buckyball magnets snapped her intestines together, ripping three holes in her lower intestine and one in her stomach.


#10 — Telegraph | Signalman to be charged over Polish train crash that killed 16

Prosecutors in Poland plan to charge a signalman with inadvertently causing a traffic accident as part of their investigation into a deadly rail crash that claimed 16 lives and left 48 injured over the weekend.


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