Afternoon Update March 16th, 2012 (10)


#1 — CNews | Left-wing dream budget would hike taxes

OTTAWA — Nearly every Canadian would pay more under a left-wing fantasy spending spree document released Thursday.


#2 — Globe | B.C. legislature passes bill to end teachers strike

B.C. politicians voted Thursday to put an end to the government’s long-running contract dispute with the province’s teachers, which has seen educators scaling back their work for months and culminated in a full-scale walkout last week.


#3 — LFP | More than 200 arrests in Montreal riot

MONTREAL — The city’s so-called “anti police brutality protest” once again ended with hooligans attacking police officers and ordinary citizens while ransacking downtown stores.


#4 — NP | McParland: Arguing about subways can be a dead end

Here’s a lesson for Toronto’s fractious city council, currently involved in a blood feud over plans for an expanded transit system. On one side is Mayor Rob Ford and a band of supporters who want to build subways with $8.4 billion in funding from the Ontario government.


#5 — OC | The big cat came back: Study confirms cougars have returned to Eastern Ontario

OTTAWA — A four-year Ontario study confirms what many rural residents felt sure about: cougars are again living wild in Ontario.



#6 — BBC | France paratroop killings spur ban on uniforms off-base

French troops stationed in the country’s south-west have been told not to wear their uniforms when off base, reports say.


#7 — CNN | Head of Anglican church to step down

London (CNN) — Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, head of the 85 million-member worldwide Anglican Communion, announced Friday he will step down from his post at the end of the year.


#8 — Fox | Gingrich’s big idea campaign takes a leap of faith

Lake in the Hills, Ill. – Whether it’s high gas prices, social security, paying off the national debt, or encouraging innovation in America, Newt Gingrich has big solutions for them all: increased domestic drilling, private savings accounts, the vision of a settlement on the moon.


#9 — DM | Luck of the Irish: Major oil discovery made off the coast of Ireland just in time for St Patrick’s Day

There will be cause for more celebration than ever on St Patrick’s Day this weekend after a major oil find off the coast of Ireland.


#10 — Telegraph | China’s ‘next leader’ calls for greater political unity

China’s likely next leader has called for greater unity in the ruling Communist Party in a speech published Friday – a day after the biggest political drama to hit the country in years.


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  • CRB

    Regarding the Montreal riots – 200 arrests? This got no more than 20 seconds coverage this evening on Global. How come so little?
    The cameras were on just long enough in the item to show a police car being rolled over and that was about it.

    I think we are not being well served by our MSM.

    • stageleft

      Maybe you should try a different news channel – CBC’s coverage was quite lengthy and pretty well exclusively from the police side perspective.


  • mike

    #1: What really burns me is the idea of an inheritance tax. Everything that I pass on in my estate, (except for untaxed rrsps), has already been taxed. I can give it away to whomever I wish while alive, but if I give it away after death by use of a legal will, then it is taxed. That is government authorized theft and it is wrong no matter how you frame it. And as the article states the left would take even more in inheritance taxes.

    mid island mike

    • jean

      #1: Technicolor dreams of spending other peoples’ money: Got to love the Left, YES YOU DO , and if in power, they will legislate obligatory love of the Left.
      ( Sarcasm, if it wasn’t plainly obvious ….. 😉 ).