ECB may act to bring down Spanish borrowing costs (15)

The European Central Bank may intervene to pull down Madrid’s borrowing costs as prime minister Mariano Rajoy warned that debt had created a “vicious circle that strangles Spain”.

Benoit Coeure, an executive director of the ECB, said the bank could restart its sovereign bond buying programme in a move likely to antagonize Germany but relieve a spiralling political, economic and social crisis in Spain.

Mr Coeure said that market fears over Spain were “not justified” but he added: “Will the ECB intervene? We have an instrument, the securities markets programme [SMP] which hasn’t been used recently but it still exists.”

Bond traders were soothed by the comments. The yield on Spain’s benchmark 10-year bonds was pulled back from 6pc on Tuesday to 5.88pc, while the yield on Italy’s 10-year debt also dropped marginally, to 5.54pc.


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