Afternoon Update April 15th, 2012 (10)


#1 — CS | Smith promises to expand health inquiry

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith continued her attack on PC leader Alison Redford Saturday, accusing the Tories of ignoring allegations of doctor intimidation and promising to pick up where a judicial inquiry is leaving off.


#2 — Globe | Canada defeats U.S. for women’s world hockey crown

Canada opened the Women’s World Hockey Championships a week ago with sluggish, uncharacteristic play, but they finished it piled in a gleeful heap, celebrating a gold medal.


#3 — LFP | Hardest part of corn testing is the waiting

Today’s corn seeds come in a staggering number of hybrids — and each needs to be tested.


#4 — NP | B.C. judge strikes down some medical marijuana restrictions

VICTORIA — A B.C. Supreme Court justice in Victoria has struck down a section of Health Canada’s medical marijuana laws.


#5 — OC| Lloyd’s of London says arctic development fraught with risk

The Arctic is likely to attract “substantial investment” over the next 10 years, possibly up to $100 billion or more, says a new report prepared for Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading specialist insurance company.



#6 — BBC | Taliban launch raids on Kabul and other Afghan targets

Militants have been carrying out what they say are co-ordinated attacks on the Afghan capital Kabul and other targets in Afghanistan.

Foreign embassies, Nato’s HQ and the Afghan parliament all came under attack in the first major attack on Kabul in more than six months.


#7 — CNN | Cruise ships mark Titanic centenary over the wreck

Aboard the Azamara Journey, North Atlantic Ocean (CNN) — Two cruise ships marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic by tossing wreaths into the North Atlantic early Sunday morning directly over the site of the ship’s wreckage.


#8 — Fox | Trial against gunman in Norway massacre set to begin Monday

OSLO, Norway –  The terror trial against an anti-Muslim fanatic who confessed to killing 77 people in Norway starts Monday amid worries that he will use the proceedings to showcase his radical views.


DM | Last year Anders Breivik killed 77 people –now it’s room service, his own suite and Japanese meditation

Telegraph | Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik barred from reading ‘new manifesto’ in court

#9 — DM | Patient scans from top hospitals sent to Australia to beat problem of calling radiologists out of hours

Patients at some of the country’s top NHS hospitals are having their scans sent to Australia to be examined.


#10 — Telegraph | Top Tories try to torpedo Green Deal

A powerful group of Conservative ministers has launched an attempt to torpedo the coalition’s flagship “green” home improvement scheme in a move which will spark a major new rift with the Liberal Democrats.


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  • Jack

    Re: #8 — This situation is going to turn into the biggest legal fiasco any of us have ever witnessed in our lifetime. Guaranteed. But there’s always a bright side to any picture.

    It will blow the Trayvon Martin situation right out of the water. You might be able to find something if you turn to the very back pages of your local rag but I am dubious.

    “Trayvon who?”