Afternoon Update April 19th, 2012 (10)


#1 — CNews | Military families living in mould-infested homes: Ombudsman 

OTTAWA – Facing cries for help from families of Canadian soldiers, military ombudsman Pierre Daigle said he is stepping in to help.


#2 — Globe | Canada to remain in triple-A club’s shrinking pool: Citigroup

Strategists at Citigroup Inc. expect the number of triple-A-rated-countries to shrink over the next few years, but that Canada will hold onto its cherished designation.


#3 — LFP | Rafferty trial enters 25th day

The first-degree murder trial of Michael Rafferty enters its 25th day with the Crown approaching the end of its case.


#4 — NP | Human rights tribunal to would-be women: You can take your penis with you

A man doesn’t need to have his penis removed to legally become a woman, according to new order from the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.


#5 — OC | Vancouver cops spent an extra $2 million on riot investigation

VANCOUVER — Investigating the 2011 hockey riot has cost Vancouver police $2 million in overtime and other additional costs.



#6 — BBC | Anders Behring Breivik ‘planned three Oslo car bombs’

Norway’s confessed mass killer, Anders Behring Breivik, has told his trial he originally planned to detonate three car bombs rather than one.


DM | Norwegian mass killer Breivik wanted to kill all 600 campers on island, then kidnap and behead former prime minister live on the net

#7 — CNN | New judge in Zimmerman case no ‘soft touch,’ lawyer says

(CNN) — The judge who will take over the case of a Florida man accused of shooting an unarmed teenager has high ratings from defense lawyers but isn’t known as a “soft touch,” one Florida attorney said Wednesday.


#8 — Fox | CIA wants to use ‘signature strikes’ against terror suspects in Yemen

WASHINGTON –  The CIA wants to be able to launch drone strikes on terrorism suspects in Yemen even when it does not know the identities of those being targeted, U.S. officials have told The Washington Post.


#9 — DM | Round the world in just six hours: Vacuum tubes could be used for super-fast public transport

Imagine hopping on the Tube in London on your way to work in the morning – and getting off near your office in New York City just three-quarters of an hour later.


#10 — Telegraph | EU ‘to suspend Burma sanctions for a year’

European Union diplomats have reportedly reached a preliminary agreement to suspend sanctions against Burma for a year, opening up trade and investment with Western firms.


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  • Cy

    #4 is just plain alarming for reasons that transcend politics

    • Jack

      It’s very hard to understand the “mind set” of these “hooman rights” judges or who was responsible for appointing them in the first place. I think Ontario needs to “disappear” this legal lunatic asylum.

      But that’s just me.

  • beentheredonethat

    Re#4. Oh for the love of…..don’t ever mistakenly believe that these “open minded, inclusive, compassionate, proactive and engaged in positive change, innovative, sustainable, optimistic, idealistic, for equality and justice, informed and conscious, evolving, leaders challenging the status quo” people can’t outdo themselves. Just when you think they have……bam the looney meter hits the already bent out of shape ‘enough already’ stop pin again. I wonder if people the likes of this Sheri Price have to re-admit themselves at the end of every ruling? Are our various HRCs or Tribunals or whatever they call themselves decisions copyrighted or can SNL just go ahead and use them to bring the house down? Just wondering.

    • mike

      Is this called “hedging your bets” or “having your cake and eating it to’?

      How would this go over if the “woman” with male attributes tried to shower in a female change room shower. Would all the other ladies be okay with that, or would they end up before an HRT charged with some sort of heinous human rights issue.

      mid island mike