Oborne: Will Rupert and James Murdoch topple David Cameron? (6)

At this stage the evidence is only circumstantial, but the charge that the Cameron government has done commercial favours for the Murdochs in return for political support is very serious

Evidence emerging from the Leveson Inquiry hints that the Tories entered into a ‘Grand Bargain’ with News International.

Rupert Murdoch presented an impression of almost otherworldly innocence in Court 73 of the Royal Courts of Justice: harmless, cuddly, a bit forgetful for sure, but nevertheless a man of definite integrity.

It was a charming event in its way. But watching this Oxford-educated showman, perhaps appearing for the final time on a public stage, it was easy to forget one important truth. The newspapers Mr Murdoch owns are under investigation for a number of crimes that include bribery, perversion of the course of justice, destruction of evidence, interception of emails, phone hacking and perjury.

No fewer than 16 of his editors or senior journalists, along with one chief executive and 10 reporters, have been arrested. There are three active police investigations, as a result of which four police officers have been arrested, as have 15 others, including civil servants and members of the Armed Forces. In all, nearly 50 people have been arrested.

A criminal culture stretched right across Mr Murdoch’s News International, if the police are right. Indeed, it is very important to stress that we are not just talking about the case of one rogue cell, as so often when corporate law‑breaking occurs. All across Mr Murdoch’s media outlets – the Sun, the now-closed News of the World, The Times, and Sky Television – there are allegations of very serious criminal misconduct.


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  • Jack

    I’ve been watching this situation develop for quite sometime now but haven’t bothered to link because it was all so “tedious”. Today that all changed as the “old fart” made his appearance at the Levanson Inquiry (actually this is his second day) and in doing so dropped a bombshell guaranteed to get Cameron’s attention.

    Things are “hotting up” and if Oborne is correct “not in a good way” for Her Majesties Loyal Government.

    In the column he suggests: “But it is not impossible that the Government would fall.”

    And millions of UK citizens are screaming at their TV sets:

    “If ONLY!!!!”


    “OK” — why would the Brits scream for a new election? I’ll tell you why.

    Thatcher years ago warned that at some point EU “socialists” were going to run out of “other peoples money” and so they have. Now they are dunning the world for a bailout via the IMF and Harper has clearly stated “not one chance in a million”. That’s just “wee Canada” but the US has also stated the very same thing and they aren’t “wee”. So what to do?

    I’ll tell you.

    EU “dreamers” created this mess and when the crap has hit the fan (it has) and you’re losing you cut (if you’re sane) your losses while you still can. Every day this mess goes on the bill becomes larger and Britain is going to be on the hook for a large part of it if things continue as they have.

    Consider where the UK might be this day if they had NOT joined the EU. How much money might have been saved? Again, I’ll tell you. Many billions of hard earned “pounds” thrown down the toilet. They would not this day be decimating their military in order to “pay” the EU a big raise as demanded.

    “Yah but we would have been locked out of all the big money generated by EU membership.”

    What “big money”?

    All I see is huge debt and for what?

    A dream which is rapidly turning into a nightmare?

    Thatcher was well aware that Britain had “options” and could instead have joined the North American Free Trade partnership. It was all there — waiting — and still is.

    So why is Cameron “stuck on stupid” this day?

    I’ll give you the final answer.

    He’s “Red Tory”. A person masquerading as a conservative when he is nothing of the kind. He is far closer to Canada’s NDP than anything true Tories can ever imagine and he will (as all NDP types do in the fullness of time) bankrupt his nation.

    You can take that one to the bank because it’s true and “yes” — I’m angry.

    I want this UK government folded “yesterday”.


    Because I was born there and I recall what my mother taught me about Britain in “war time” as I was growing up in Canada. It was an “edjamcation” I have never forgotten and I am certain today (if she were still alive) she would be livid at the political stupidity going on in our homeland.

    Time for an new election in the UK.