Russia threatens pre-emptive strike over NATO missile shield (1)

LONDON/MOSCOW – Russia’s military chief of staff said on Thursday that Moscow could carry out pre-emptive strikes on future NATO missile defence installations in Europe to protect its security – a stark warning against a system the Kremlin sees as a threat.

General Nikolai Makarov’s remark underlined Russian opposition to an anti-missile shield the United States and NATO are developing, an issue that will continue to strain relations after Vladimir Putin starts a six-year presidential term on Monday.

Makarov spoke at a conference where testy exchanges between the Russian hosts and U.S. and NATO officials pointed up the distance the old Cold War foes still have to go for a deal to cooperate on missile defence, an arrangement both say they want.

Washington says the missile defence system, due to be completed in four phases by about 2020 and including interceptor missiles based in Poland and Romania, is meant to counter a potential threat from Iran and presents no risk to Russia.


Afternoon Updates:

12:24 pm EDT, May 4th, 2012 — Gurney: Russia knows what would happen if it bombed Europe. Right?

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  • beentheredonethat

    I calls’em as I sees’em. I’ve never blamed ‘him’ for things that started long before he came into office. What I have and will continue to blame him for is his utter ineptness (just one of many faults) making things much worse. Much worse. As goes America’s economy so goes Canada’s to a degree. I don’t want that to happen. That’s my motivation, nothing else. We are not an island in North America unto ourselves. Anyway, discussion over. Going out to my garage, oldies tunes, two muscle cars to polish…er the wife to polish, turning on my flashing neon OPEN light, neighbours coming over, cold COOR’s Lite…..if you lived nearby I’d still invite you over.

  • beentheredonethat

    “For anyone to hate anyone else so much without either having met the person or being paid to do so is frankly disturbing.”

    Let me play the record for you again, Cy evidently you haven’t understood the words. Repeated more than once I might add specifically in response to allegations from you. Maybe you just forgot but nevertheless I will repeat myself. I don’t hate anyone, including Obama. I don’t like him. You do. So what? There is a huge difference between hate and dislike. By the way didn’t you forget one label? Racist. If my memory serves me correctly weren’t you throwing that label around during the 2008 campaign at those (including me) who were speaking out against your champion. Also, didn’t you once accuse me of wishing physical harm would come to him? My response was that the only way I wanted to see Obama removed from office was via the voting booth. Remember, Cy? So I’m the one that is disturbed and irrational? Go look in the mirror.

    • Cy

      And let me tell you again for the umpteenth time that Obama is not my “champion”, no matter how much you need it to be so to justify your crusading. I was and remain a Hillary supporter.

      Obama vs McCain was a close one in my book, with Obama being edged only after McCain chose Palin and her monkey doll waving drones? “Surprisingly”, my defense of his right to exist appeared around the time the monkey dolls came about … and comparisons to janitors … and, among his more intelligent detractors like yourself, blame for things that started LONG BEFORE HE CAME IN OFFICE and generally speaking cannot be influenced in any way by presidential action. This is what you call “irrational”.

      This post is 99.9% unoriginal. You just don’t know how to listen. You also prevent me from being able to say he’s doing at best a mediocre job.

  • Cy

    Smoke. Russia’s military infrastructure is rotting faster than real estate in Vegas

    • Jack

      You are correct.

    • beentheredonethat

      Ya know, Cy ya got me thinking. Remember this ‘oops’ conversation.

      “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this can be solved but it’s important for [Vladimir Putin] to give me space,” Obama leaned over to tell Medvedev as they were seated together at the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea, Monday. “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”

      Medvedev responded, “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” referring to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, “and I stand with you.”

      Obama then gave Medvedev an affirming pat on the knee.

      So why this threat today? Think about it. It doesn’t make sense. All Putin has to do is be patient and more importantly quiet for 7 short months just as he was asked. If Obama gets re-elected Putin will in all likelihood get everything he wants for nothing. This threat does not pass the smell test. I call bullshit but not for the same reason you do. Putin is many things but he is not stupid. A fake threat seemingly resolved by Obama thus preventing war? An equally fake hero. A win win. I don’t trust either of them.

      • Cy

        Glad I could inspire your third Obama hack job in one day (for this story).

        • johndoe124

          I don’t understand your comment. Can you elaborate on what you mean by a “hack job” on Obama? I’d appreciate it if you would back your conclusions up with evidence.


          • Cy

            Evidence? Read half his posts – Obama is a liar, Obama hates America, Obama is an idiot, etc etc etc. Did Obama kill his dog?

            For anyone to hate anyone else so much without either having met the person or being paid to do so is frankly disturbing.

            It’s tolerated here because this forum is mostly right wing storm troopers. Anywhere else, these frequent daily rants would look irrational. No one should hate a politician that much.

  • beentheredonethat

    The Russian threat won’t dare execute their threat. At least not after they see soon to be declassified combat footage of the Commander in Chief photoshopped showing him decked out in camo armed to the teeth rappelling down from a hovering Blackhawk helicopter leading SEAL Team 6 into Bin Laden’s compound.

  • Don D.

    I wonder how the warrior POTUS will respond. My betting is that he will back down and claim it as a negotiating victory.

  • beentheredonethat

    Whether Obama manages to slither his way into a second turn or not he is determined to make good on his promise to fundamentally change America. Once/If his defeat in November becomes clearly imminent watch for his ‘scorched America’ policies to go into overdrive. Beneath contempt.