Nicolas Sarkozy booted out of office (15)

Nicolas Sarkozy who rode to office five years ago promising a historic “rupture” was on Sunday night booted out of office having exhausted his nation.

The “Sarko show”, a five-year rollercoaster ride of political and private highs and lows frequently rendered France open-mouthed in disbelief or wonder.

The French took a risk in electing a high-wire, hardline interior minister with a refreshingly pro-market approach.

He was on the back foot from the start after spending an ill-advised electoral soirée in Le Fouquet’s, the Champs-Elysées bar.

More eyebrows were raised when the “bling bling president” jetted off in aviator shades to a billionaire friend’s luxury yacht, cancelling plans to spend a couple of days meditating in a monastery.

Used to an aloof leader, the French quickly realised they were in for front line politics after Mr Sarkozy dubbed his bit-part prime minister a mere “collaborator”.


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  • mike

    Most European armies are now a shell. Wasn’t it the Germans in Afghanistan who didn’t work after 5pm and were in the least violent areas. The levels of personal fitness for their troops was brought into question as well. Maybe they will have a “union” war where everyone agrees to proper coffee and lunch breaks, and no overtime.

    mid island mike

  • Jack

    Pay attention to 12:08 & 12:09 “Afternoon Updates”. I do not like the look of this “breaking situation” at all but I fear it is going to get much worse. It seems to me that Europe, in trying to create a new entity which will ban war forever in that part of the world, is perhaps heading for the very fate they are trying so hard to avoid.

    I hope not but to me what little I know of the 1930’s appears in these early days to be “coming around” again. I am concerned because we all know how that story ended.

    • fernstalbert

      I wish them luck with that – what if your borders are outside Europe and they bring the fight to you. You do not need an army on the ground to wage war! I am thinking Iran and North Korea will not respect this declaration. This is probably more about not spending money on the military side of the economy. Cheers.

  • Cy

    Expected, as the Europeans are in full revolt against their leadership. However, the alternatives in most of these nations are pretty bad – France being a case in point. Electing a socialist during a financial crisis is like throwing a drowning man a bottle of evian.

  • fernstalbert

    Europe is a fish out of water – flopping on shore, gasping for breath. Don’t know much about France but a socialist president is not going to do the hard work and change directions. Woe to the French – delaying the inevitable is not going to improve the situation. What is that definition of madness – oh yes, doing the same but expecting the results to change. cheers