Morning Update May 13th, 2012 (10)


#1 — CNEWS | Soldier wins car in roll up the rim

KINGSTON, Ont. — A member of the Canadian Forces is rolling away in a new car after snagging a prize in the roll up the rim contest at Tim Hortons.


#2 — Globe | Five dead as planes crash in mid-air over Saskatchewan

RCMP are confirming that five people have died in the mid-air collision of two small planes in Saskatchewan.


#3 — LFP | Charge senior citizen immigrants for health care: Lawyer

OTTAWA – Canadians who sponsor grandma and grandpa – or even just aging parents – as immigrants are leaving taxpayers with some hefty health care bills.


#4 — NP | Canadian doctors warn fee cuts, pay inequalities will spur exodus

The legendary Italian sports cars offered up by Ferrari-Maserati of Ontario start at well beyond $200,000, yet the Toronto-area dealership still manages to sell about 65 of each brand annually – plus 100 used vehicles.


#5 — OC | ‘Big Farma’ companies seek federal approval of 2,4-D-resistant corn, soybean seeds

OTTAWA — Dow Chemical and Monsanto want federal approval to sell corn and soybeans seeds genetically fortified to withstand concentrated spraying with 2,4-D and other potent herbicides to repel advancing “superweeds” on Canadian farms.



#6 — BBC | Afghan peace negotiator Arsala Rahmani shot dead

A senior Afghan peace negotiator has been shot dead in Kabul, officials say.


#7 — CNN | Florida woman sentenced to 20 years in controversial warning shot case

(CNN) — Saying he had no discretion under state law, a judge sentenced a Jacksonville, Florida, woman to 20 years in prison Friday for firing a warning shot in an effort to scare off her abusive husband.


#8 — Fox | California budget deficit has swelled to $16 billion, governor says

SACRAMENTO, Calif. –  California’s budget deficit has swelled to a projected $16 billion — much larger than had been predicted just months ago — and will force severe cuts to schools and public safety if voters fail to approve tax increases in November, Gov. Jerry Brown said Saturday.


#9 — DM | Tiny black dot that unlocked the Universe

Next month we will be the last people living today to witness one of the rarest astronomical events: the transit of Venus.


#10 — Telegraph | MI5 feared British police attended terrorist camps

MI5 warned Scotland Yard that policemen in its ranks were suspected of attending terrorist training camps, it can be disclosed.


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