Afternoon Update May 16th, 2012 (10)


#1 — CNews | G20 activist cleared of all charges 

TORONTO – Byron Sonne — dubbed the G20 geek — was exonerated by a judge Tuesday of allegations he possessed a massive quantity of explosive materials during the 2010 summit of world leaders in downtown Toronto.


#2 — Globe | Canada ready to open its doors to more immigrants, Kenney says

Canada is ready to open its doors to expanded immigration, but only if the immigrants already here do better.


#3 — MacLeans | The Commons: More than 400 pages and still short on details

The Scene. For all of the budget bill’s pages and clauses—more than 400 of the former and more than 700 of the latter—opposition MPs seem strangely at a loss. So very many pages and yet still they cry out for more.


#4 — NP | Gangster re-arrested a month after being released for Toronto bystander shooting

TORONTO — One of the gangsters responsible for spraying a crowded Toronto restaurant with bullets in a bungled mob hit — paralyzing an innocent mother of three — has been re-arrested, just a month after leaving prison for his role in one of the city’s most notorious bystander shootings.


#5 — OC | Help sought to find missing teen in Kanata

OTTAWA — Ottawa police are asking anyone with information about a 16-year-old girl who went missing in Kanata Tuesday morning to contact them.



#6 — BBC | F-22 fighter jets face more Pentagon safety rules

The Pentagon has issued further safety procedures for its most advanced fighter jet after pilots complained of oxygen shortages during flights.


#7 — CNN | Part of flight recorder of Russian plane found in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) — Indonesian authorities said Wednesday that they had found part of the flight recorder of the Russian passenger jet that crashed into the side of a volcano during a demonstration flight last week, killing 45 people.


#8 — Fox | Fischer upsets Republican rivals to win Nebraska Senate primary

Nebraska state Sen. Deb Fischer upset her Republican rivals Tuesday night to win the party’s nomination for the Nebraska Senate.


WP | Rubin: 10 things about Deb Fischer’s win

#9 — DM | WikiLeaks cable ‘led Iran to hang kick-boxer it claims was Israeli spy who assassinated nuclear scientist’

An Iranian kick-boxer was hanged for the assassination of a Tehran nuclear scientist after WikiLeaks published a confidential U.S. Embassy cable, it has been claimed.


#10 — Telegraph | Taliban infighting over US talks breaks down into terror campaign

Taliban leadership infighting between hardliners and commanders over US talks has broken down into a terror campaign against senior dissidents who support negotiations, a senior insurgency leader has revealed.


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