Afternoon Update May 21st, 2012 (10)


#1 — CNews | Canadian woman dies descending Mount Everest

“Climb every mountain in your life. You will reach the top. Best Wishes To You. Best wishes to you in whatever you do. God Bless and Keep Smiling.”


#2 — Globe | Life in the slow lane: Dial-up Internet still a reality for hundreds of thousands in Canada

The next time you get frustrated because a website refuses to load instantly, or a streaming video has to buffer for a few seconds, think of the surprisingly large number of Canadians still on dial-up.


#3 — LFP | Air Canada dispute goes to arbitrator

Air Canada pilots have failed to negotiate a new agreement with the airline.


#4 — NP | Hundreds arrested in Quebec as protesters defy emergency law

MONTREAL — Quebec’s student protests took a dark, angry turn over the weekend following the introduction of an emergency law aimed at restoring order in the province, while the movement gained a number of high-profile supporters on the international stage.


#5 — OC | Killer whale expert out of work as feds cut ocean-pollution monitoring positions

VICTORIA – Canada’s only marine mammal toxicologist at the Institute of Ocean Sciences on Vancouver Island is losing his job as the federal government cuts almost all employees who monitor ocean pollution across Canada.



#6 — BBC | ‘Monster of Riga’ Dutch paedophile jailed for 18 years

A Dutch paedophile referred to as Robert M has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for abusing more than 60 children, some just a few months old.


#7 — CNN | Facebook stock falls below IPO price

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Facebook’s stock slid below its offering price in early trading Monday, following a lackluster debut day.


Fox | Nasdaq May Be on the Hook for Facebook Trading Glitches

#8 — Fox | US-Pakistan rift complicates NATO summit in Chicago

CHICAGO –  U.S. tensions with Pakistan complicated the opening day of the NATO summit in Chicago, where allies gathered to solidify a strategy for ending the war in Afghanistan.


#9 — DM | Beware the new computer virus spreading via chat messaging window on Facebook

A new computer virus is spreading via the chat window on Facebook.


#10 — Telegraph | Otto the octopus wreaks havoc

An octopus has caused havoc in his aquarium by performing juggling tricks using his fellow occupants, smashing rocks against the glass and turning off the power by shortcircuiting a lamp.


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  • Mary T

    While they are firing some killer whale experts, perhaps they can fire some idiots working for Rev Canada who who are assessing farmers GST returns. My client just received a letter saying his claim has been denied as line 101 is zero and it must have a figure. Guess the idiot does not know that farmers do not receive income from sales subject to GST. Grains sales, hay sales, livestock sales etc are not subject to GST.
    Farmers have no GST income to report on line 101.
    Then there was the GST idiot who could/would not believe that a farmer would pay over 100.00 on one purchase.
    We won that battle and the idiot was transferred out of our local tax office, and we will win this case also.
    I bet these two idiots don’t have a clue to how much they pay in GST in a year, for items bought in a grocry store, entertainment, restaurant meals, and at Starbucks.

  • Joe

    What do you call a fired Killer Whale expert? A start! More faster please.

  • stageleft

    Re: Killer whale expert out of work as feds cut ocean-pollution monitoring positions

    Because what ya don’t know can’t hurt ya ….. right?

    • WCT

      So stage … somewhere in the system there is an accounting clerk or a data input clerk or a supervisor in “human resources” that have had their positions saved. Many years ago in the oil and gas industry we were laying off many employees and after the purge the President ask the question: why after all the layoffs did our average wage go up? The answer is that we laid off all the low level workers and now had the supervisory class doing the “manual work”.

      The age old question: how many civil servants does it take to change a light bulb? One to unscrew the bulb and 10 to hold the ladder. I know it doesn’t address your comment but think about it – maybe this scientist can privatize his work and earn a real living!

      • stageleft

        You are right WCT – your comment bears absolutely no relation to my comment whatsoever

  • abacist

    There’s a report that one student protester has lost an eye. Then a policeman was dragged out of his vehicle and severely beaten. This has gone beyond the beyonds and is no longer about the tuition hikes and minimal ones at that. The left, left parties in Quebec have supported this, making Charest look moderate by comparison.

    The escalating violence must be met with adequate force and masked protesters should be rounded up immediately as their motives are more than suspect.

    The loss of the current semester far outweighs any gains by offered tuition freezes.

    Has Maxime Bernier of Beauce been asked to speak to the four student association leaders? Circulating a recent speech he delivered re the global economic crisis might bring a reality check to these student bodies who can’t be allowed to worsen Quebec’s already precarious budget deficits. Their violence now must be squelched. Left parties and parents are more than negligent in their duties to show reasoned positions.

    Contagion is happening across other provinces where more student associations are considering similar protests.

    • Hynd

      They can think about all they want, the governments of other provinces will have more backbone the Quebec.