Kimball: Who Is Barack Obama? The Question that Won’t Go Away

So now Chris Matthews isn’t the only one experiencing a little thrill when he thinks about Barack (omit middle name) Obama. The recent revelation that from the early 1990s until the day before yesterday—or, to be more accurate, until Obama made his decision to run for president—a biographical pamphlet circulated by his literary agents described him as having been “born in Kenya” has been setting the world of Twitter atwitter.

What should we think about that? An agency spokesman who claims to have been responsible for the “born in Kenya” wheeze has publicly said that it was a mistake, a typographical error, a slip of the pen that just went “unchecked” for, um, sixteen-seventeen years. I can understand that. She meant to write “Hawaii” and wrote “Kenya” instead. Could happen to anyone. They look and sound enough alike, don’t they,  that no one noticed. You meant to write “there” and you wrote “their” instead. You meant to write “cup” and you wrote “floccinaucinihilipilification” instead. No one—no one at the literary agency, not the author himself—could be expected to notice. You understand that, right?


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  • Ward

    He either lied before or he is lying now. No way in hell he should be allowed to slide.

    • Jack

      One day later I found a bit more here. Lot’s of legal opinion in the comments for those interested.

  • beentheredonethat

    Merely pointing out who could very likely be responsible for the ‘where was Obama born’ controversy getting started in the first place. Obama himself.

    • Jack

      Correct. Why all the secrecy?

      A thought that occurred to me sometime ago was why anyone would vote for Obama’s second term if his legitimacy is at all in doubt? I don’t know and quite frankly I have little interest in this “boondoggle” anymore. My personal feeling is he will be gone in November and the many questions arising from what appears to be a “faux presidency” will be answered by historians as the records are eventually released.

      For now it’s a matter of trusting “gut instinct”.

  • beentheredonethat

    “Who Is Barack Obama? The Question that Won’t Go Away”

    And it rightfully won’t and shouldn’t go away until Obama himself is forced to answer it. He never will. There is absolutely no doubt that Obama and his handlers engaged in a massive and very thorough coverup of who and what he was/is before he launched his campaign for the Oval Office. But alas they didn’t get it all. From a tiny fissure such as this (the biographical pamphlet circulated by his literary agents described him as having been “born in Kenya”) a giant chasm can grow. Oh, and based on Obama’s over a decade of hyping or quietly allowing his birth place to be hyped as being Kenya just who is really responsible for the contraversy surrounding this issue? The much maligned ‘birthers’ have been vindicated. Hopefully honestly and truly informed voters will put an end to this ‘gig’ this November.

    • Joe

      Like many leftists Obambam believes that reality is an artificial construct to be manipulated at will. Thus his padded resume including the literary blurb listing Kenya as his birthplace. The only question I have is how someone as illiterate as Obambam ever got an advance to write a book. Good heavenly days, they have to feed his teleprompter with phonetic spelling instead of correct spelling because he obviously can’t read correctly spelled text. ‘Corpse man’ etc etc etc.

    • stageleft

      The much maligned ‘birthers’ have been vindicated

      Yup, and no one is happier about that than Elvis beentheredone that – he votes Republican you know 😉


      • jean

        When there is ” smoke ” there may not be a fire, but the question of there might be a fire is legitimate.

        The ” birthers ” theories may be ridiculous unless they turn out to be true !

        Conspiracy theorists are ready to believe almost anything with the flimsiest of proof, but the scale of the fraud is so great here, should the theory be true, that many wouldn’t believe it even with overwhelming evidence.

        • beentheredonethat

          A guy mascarades as somebody else for over a decade, and then all of a sudden says he is not who he has been saying he is. Lefties sit and nod their heads like one of those dolls in the rear window of a car. But because the right asks WTF?…….. we’re conspiracy theorists? LOL Strange lot those lefties.