Will: Diversity politics trips up campaign to reclaim Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat

Blond, blue-eyed Elizabeth Warren, a  Harvard professor is seeking to regain Ted Kennedy’s old Massachusetts Senate for the Democrats  and who cites “family lore” that she is 1/32nd Cherokee, was inducted into Oklahoma’s Hall of Fame last year. Her biography on oklahomaheritage.com says she “can track both sides of her family in Oklahoma long before statehood” (1907) and “she proudly tells everyone she encounters that she is ‘an Okie to my toes.’” It does not mention any Cherokee great-great-great-grandmother. A DVD of the induction ceremony shows that neither Warren nor anyone else mentioned this.

The kerfuffle that has earned Warren such sobriquets as “Spouting Bull” and “Fauxcahontas” began with reports that Harvard Law School, in routine academic preening about diversity (in everything but thought), listed her as a minority faculty member, as did the University of Pennsylvania when she taught there. She said some in her family had “high cheekbones like all of the Indians do.” The New England Historic Genealogical Society said a document confirmed the family lore of Warren’s Cherokee ancestry, but later backtracked. She has said she did not know Harvard was listing her as a minority in the 1990s, but Harvard was echoing her: From 1986 through 1995, starting before she came to Harvard, a directory published by the Association of American Law Schools listed her as a minority and says its listings are based on professors claiming minority status.


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  • abacist

    Didn’t know that about the RIM people.

    Cy, what about an extravaganza 3D films development, involving splicing together film clips of Eastern, Western historical atrocities up to the present day. These would be really long films necessarily. Extracted from accredited historical reports. The idea should be copyrighted.

    Now these extravaganza events would be mounted for viewing in numerous urban cultural centres, in ME, Europe, N. America.

    Serving as an anti-dote to violence as we enter the SECOND GREAT DEPRESSION>

  • abacist

    Jack, a note for you in the a.m. You happenstanced on the key problem with regard to the tuition payors and free tuition. Warren, several generations removed from Aboriginal roots, apparently qualified as a “minority.” The thing is that she got the ideal price (and probably based on merit) and that price was zero.

    Whereas middle and lower classes pay the whole tab. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

    Now the EU elite’s children pay zero. Also, it’s been reported that here in Canada tenured professors’ children get awards. I can’t confirm that.

    But, the fact remains you pay for what you value. Look at Steve Jobs, he dropped out after six months at a very preppy school on the west coast knowing his hardworking immigrant parents would have to make the ultimate sacrifice for years. Then he bunked in friends’ rooms and scouted around attending interesting courses.

    One report says, he took a top notch calligraphy course, then applied it to Apple text ten years down the road. He said had he not dropped out and had stayed with the required courses, Apple wouldn’t have benefitted from the cursive texts not conducive to the hardware.

    • Cy

      Actually, I did read that about Steve Jobs.
      Bill Gates, Larry Ellison (Oracle) and the founders of RIM are also college dropouts.
      Not that education isn’t important, but genius and entrepreneurship really can’t be measured in a classroom IMO. Genius should be a verb.

  • abacist

    Well, Joe, it was SOME kind of fruit…hahahahaha and none of us was there, Charlie. “Evil” may be only an optical illusion, do you think, Joe?

    Guaranteed, Cy isn’t it.

    This is better than Saturday night at the movies.

    I’d like to see Cy engage in historical debate with Niall Fergusson, an amazing prof and businessman. We all need tickets to the Munk debates next year, should we live so long.

    I’d just like to know what in heck that FREDERIC THE GREAT Friesian horse eats. Horses love apples, carrots…

  • abacist

    Really good points, Cy at 5:49 p.m.

    Western Civilization does own records of atrocities for which there are no going back. Apologies have been issued, even on paper.

    Two come to mind. PM Harper’s to our Chinese and Aboriginals. And Queen Elizabeth’s powerful address to the Irish post Royal Wedding I think. I was personally so struck and awed by that address (to the core I may add) and I think it has reverberated throughout Western consciousness.

    Then there was the beautiful gesture of removing her shoes as she toured a ME mosque, garbed in appropriate headress. We know what our honourable Sovereign Queen was attempting to impart.

    There’s something up ‘behind the scenes’ and I want to say it’s very good. It won’t remain ‘upside down’…things will be righted, particularly because we can’t see it as yet.

  • abacist

    You’re right, Cy. This site aspires to the “CENTRE RIGHT.” Simple common sense goes there and us mature conservatives shouldn’t try to reclaim the Victorian Era (social conservatism) as history proves there was no such thing even.

    The “sanctimonious” are really vexing, annoying, not to mention disingenuous.

    Both extremes are “button pushers” and where does that get anyone at all??

    So, in this regard, I’d point out FERNSTALBERT’s comment oozing incessant venomous drip, drip, drip…udder venom minus any ‘milk of human kindness.’

    You know where the global economics is going and it isn’t pretty. The youth are facing an uncertain decade, but I maintain our ‘corridors of power’ are pursuing the right agreements involving phenomenal resource development in the two sister have not provinces. We simply have to give up hugging the railway corridor. Looking to our North for rare earth mineral development.

    One video led to another so, don’t miss….

    googling, Friesian stallion “take your breath away” youtube

    hope that brings it up for people.

    old, stodgy, too critical joe and btdt…lighten up on Cy and stage. I see stage decided to remain a keyboard “anarchist.”

    Lively, heated debate WILL ALLOW ANSWERS TO EMERGE. The only one with complete control over his temper IS Jack. How about we all aspire to that?

    Psst, fernstalbert, I must say I was glad to hear tickets to the Calgary Stampede are selling like hotcakes. Cheers. (smile)

  • abacist

    Cy, it’s in reference to your above comment re Fox News stereotypes ignoring history/psychology.

    Hard left ideologues do that to distraction. Eg., Mulcair now pushing for proven ineffective cap n trade policy to replenish the coffers with a view to mismanaging the tax take again. What do you think the Kyoto Protocol was all about, virtually written on a paper serviette en route to Kyoto, Japan. Mulcair’s the very stupid foot soldier for Dion’s failed attempt.

    Mulcair will repeat, like Groundhog Day, even as he supplements Quebec’s iron ore resource development with plans to upstart oil/gas developments available in Quebec. So, while he tours the reclaimed ponds in Alberta he’s craftily calculating the same industry development in Quebec. A clear opening for the Liberals to exploit in an attempted comeback.

    • Cy

      1) The Fox comment was in reference to BTDT’s frequent attempts to reduce the vast array of opposition to his narrow conservative theology to these silly limp-wrested stereotypes

      2) Neither SL or myself have spoken in support of any of these measures and are still called liberals (as a pejorative term). This is more evidence of how uncivil and polarized (an inevitably impotent) politics have become.

  • abacist

    Cy, there is a time for “pushback.” AND there’s a certain way to do it, after demonstrated patience. Legislation is not required as introduced legislation is mucking things up. Bill 13 in Ontario is one specific example. Bill 78 in Quebec wasn’t even required at the first instance of the subway bomb threats, property damage. The protesters violated the state provision that only “peaceful protests” are allowed.

    • Cy

      Ok …
      How is this related to Elizabeth Warren?

      • Jack

        Re: “How is this related to Elizabeth Warren?”

        Note: “The kerfuffle that has earned Warren such sobriquets as “Spouting Bull” and “Fauxcahontas” began with reports that Harvard Law School, in routine academic preening about diversity (in everything but thought), listed her as a minority faculty member, as did the University of Pennsylvania when she taught there.”

        Perhaps she got her education “on the cheap” as she listed herself as a “minority” which she was clearly not. I don’t know — just speculating.

  • abacist

    Didn’t see your RCMP musical ride update before I registered my idea.

    Another one. Eighty conservative mother and grandmothers, say 20 on key corners, offering bowls of porridge to the students, relating, either go back to school or seek the quarter million trade and tech jobs Canada’s requiring now.

    • Jack

      Re: “Didn’t see your RCMP musical ride update before I registered my idea.”

      It’s OK — it was just a fast thought. I don’t know what these people (RCMP) are thinking but I do know they all love horses. Friessien’s in my mind are “specialist” horses. You can’t race them for one instance but they do have their place. They would fit perfectly with the RCMP and many other units who could use them for parade purposes. I may be wrong.

  • abacist

    Jack, we can note the intelligence, too. He’s only nosing the ball where one bite might deflate that balloon/ball.

    Then it concludes with “dinner time.” The oats aren’t genetically modified, guaranteed. Now our kids/youth need these. We have now have “international food aisles” in our grocery stores thanks to the CPC’s hard work on trade policies and the idea now is to convince disaffected Liberals to join forces with majority CPC trade initiatives.

    For instance, Mulcair gets to witness absolute proof that “Dutch disease” is not responsible for one of his province’s premier aerospace industry’s decision to lay off 300 employees, even in high profit category, due to the EU’s slowing demand. That would be CAE’s, located in Montreal, decision this week.

    Must go horseback riding, yes, must get to do it this summer! That, and go west and see my strapping nephews ride bareback.

    Another idea. Get our Mounties to do a musical ride, coursing Montreal boulevards, displacing the miscreants.

  • beentheredonethat

    “You guys”? Well us “guys” don’t need to figure anything out. Somebody already did it for us. “You” guys are the ones who have been so accurately figured out. Haha


    • Cy

      A vacuous rehash of Fox News stereotypes that ignores history and human psychology. I’m not a liberal but I’d certainly trust them before conservatives, based on track record alone (the only thing that matters)

      Do any of you know what a bully is?

      • Jack

        Re: “Do any of you know what a bully is?”

        “Yup” — we had a decade of it under Chretien.

        “Nuff said.”

      • beentheredonethat

        “I’m not a liberal”…….I’m not. Really? LOL


        • Cy

          I don’t support the Liberal party
          Haven’t voted for them 100%
          Don’t subscribe to Rabble or cheer-lead their major causes.

          You call me a liberal because I oppose things that either

          1) Fly in the face any economic sense
          2) Pay no respect whatsoever to history
          3) Hold others to a higher standard than the West (either in the local or international sense)
          4) Any self-respecting black person would oppose

          Re #1, look at how you and your cohorts have taken a simple and known construct Dutch Disease and turned it into an Eastern socialist conspiracy. You ignored all the data, ignored all the readily available teachings etc because your pride was hurt and you wanted to “defend the west”. Also an NDP leader brought it up so it must be automatically false right?

          Re #4, you quoted American Thinker today. I went and read some of the articles on race and there is no way in hell any fair-minded person would support the crap written there. The r word is over-used, unfortunately, but definitely applies to a lot of conservatives who think as long as they don’t burn a cross they are not guilty of hate mongering. You don’t need to be a liberal to oppose that crap, just a conscionable human being.

          • beentheredonethat

            “….look at how you and your cohorts have taken a simple and known construct Dutch Disease and turned it into an Eastern socialist conspiracy.”

            Please point out a single comment I have ever made regarding this issue. I’m waiting……

  • abacist

    I think Mitt Romney is right in the Noonan article where he mentions the distinct possibility of a “surprise” for America and thus, the world. Though he mentions it may not involve himself.

    There’s more to “meet the eye” in the geo-political world.

    What the unelected technocrats are failing to estimate is that demand for sovereign niche products and services will make a comeback. Obstacles to this will be removed by sheer necessity.

    What does the world NEED from Greece? What it has always needed from Greece minus the corruption.

    Listening to the Munk debates out of Roy Thompson Hall last night in Toronto reviews the history of the EU, its purpose, goals, but points out that failing to demarkate sovereign identities, its inequitable economies, not to mention its corrupt practitioners, incurred this breakdown. It’s two hours in listening time.

    I don’t know whether you can still vote pro or against. Results could be available now.

    N.B. – the present audio/ video selection can by itself dispel “nature deficit disorder” in no time flat.

    What does the world NEED from Belguim?? Surely, more of those strong and beautiful creatures!

    • Jack

      Re: “What does the world NEED from Belguim?? Surely, more of those strong and beautiful creatures!”

      Indeed. They can even play football.

      Too funny.


      Just a fast thought. The RCMP musical ride (if they are not using these horses already) should be taking a hard second look. If you watch the sidebar video closely you will note all the teams are “in step” and these animals were bred initially as war horses. The musical ride appears to me to be the perfect match — beauty, strength and precision all tied up in one very elegant package.

  • Joe

    Well it looks like leftist disease is alive and well. Don’t like your reality? Simple just change it to make it what you would like it to be. Hate yer whitey hide? No problem claim you’re native! Don’t like your American birth? Simple claim you were born in Kenya. You know you wanna! Why all the cool kids are doing it. Yes you too can claim to be super super intellectual genius so long as you keep your marks sealed. Hey it works for Wylie Coyote, the occupant of the white house and wassher name the Harvard denizen. Leftism is a mental disease manifesting itself as a character flaw.

    • Cy

      You guys will never figure this out. Mental disease? Haha

      • Joe

        We figured it out centuries ago Cy. In olden days it was called dishonesty, lying, cheating, padding your resume, flim flam, con-artisty, stretching the truth beyond credulity etc etc etc. What’s more once upon a time you were punished and not rewarded for such behaviour.

        • Cy

          Want to tell everyone what time that was? Did it involve a serpent and an apple?

          • Joe

            No it didn’t involve a serpent and an apple Cy. The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil most certainly wasn’t an apple. If it were even you would know the difference between Good and Evil. Laying that aside however any student of history will notice the trend that when the leaders of the nation are upright and honest the nation tends to prosper. When the leaders of the nation are lying, cheating, scumbags the nation tends to falter. Why is that you ask? Well actually it doesn’t have a lot to do with the lying and the cheating. It has to do with the selfishness of the individual and his/her lack of empathy for others. When the people in leadership look to their own gain before the good of the people, the people suffer. Now if you are going to lie on your resume about being native so you can gain a spot on the faculty you are denying someone else who actually is native the position. Now don’t get me wrong I am colour blind and truly wish that there were no racial quotas or racial bigotries. I would hope that Elizabeth Warren was selected by Harvard because she was the best candidate for that position. Just as I wish that Barack Obama was elected president on the basis that he was the best and brightest candidate in the entire US. Not because some people think it would be a good idea to have a man with black skin sitting in the Oval Office.

          • Cy

            Good and evil is the easiest thing to understand

            -It is absolute
            -you know what it is
            -there are no exceptions (for other people)
            -your social circle agrees with you so it must have been this way for all time
            -anyone who disagrees is evil

            For instance, Joe, I was just reading the Toronto Sun and more than a few people, with a strong sense of right and wrong, would recoil in horror at some of your personal choices. They would call you a traitor for your tribal transgression. They must be right since good and evil is absolute. Don’t you agree?

          • Joe

            No I don’t agree Cy. But then again you and I rarely do. You keep thinking that anyone who is religious must be a moral absolutist. Its not true. In fact I find far more moral absolutism amongst irreligious leftists. Wander off their reservation and watch what happens. WOW. They won’t just disagree with you they will try to destroy your life!

  • Cy

    Elizabeth Warren was and is one of the sharpest minds in microeconomics, particularly where home credit is concerned. I was reading her stuff before Obama even got elected and she is respected in financial circles. It was a shame to hear she decided to get into politics – kinda hard to innovate when fighting the right wing hordes (especially for this historic term).

  • beentheredonethat

    “She has said she did not know Harvard was listing her as a minority in the 1990s,”…yup. I believe her. Same as I believe Obama didn’t know he was being promoted by his allies for many years as having been born in Kenya. Nope, neither had a clue. Both qualify to sit on the board of directors of the Liars Club of America.