Warner: The euro is going up in smoke – and there’s no fire brigade to stop it (15)

From the start, monetary union was a political conceit for which many Europeans are about to pay a devastating economic cost.

It might have been a statement of the blindingly obvious, but Mario Draghi’s warning yesterday that the eurozone as it stands is unsustainable, and that Europe’s leaders must clarify their vision for the euro quickly if the single currency is to survive, was no less startling for it.

Every man and his dog have been saying the same thing for the past two years now, and some since long before, yet so far it’s not made a bit of difference. Now that the president of the European Central Bank, no less, has also hit the panic button, will policymakers finally sit up and listen?

Don’t hold your breath. As the ever worsening banking crisis in Spain demonstrates, it may be too late. It’s not just the markets that have lost faith in the euro; previously compliant electorates are also close to breaking point. The die may already have been cast.


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  • http://www.jacksnewsatch.com fernstalbert

    Sometimes you need to let the house “burn down” and start over. Its kinder in the long run – rather than live in a derelict, smoked out shell. Cheers.