Morning Update June 3rd, 2012 (10)


#1 — CNews | One dead in Eaton Centre shooting 

TORONTO — Police have yet to make an arrest after a man was gunned down Saturday evening and seven others — including a pregnant woman and a young teenager — were injured at a packed downtown mall.


Globe | One dead after shooting at Toronto’s Eaton Centre

#2 — Globe | UN accuses Canada of being ‘complicit’ in rights violations

The United Nations is taking Canada to task for security practices it says expose Canadians and others to torture and allow war criminals to escape international justice.


#3 — LFP | Man charged with dirty needles in clothing

SHERBROOKE, QUE. – A 49-year-old man with previous criminal charges faces 29 counts of armed assault after dirty syringes were found hidden in clothing in department stores east of Montreal.


#4 — NP | Selley: To defeat poverty, you have to define it

The release of UNICEF’s latest child poverty “report card” this week elicited the usual stories about Canada “lagging” its friends in the developing world. The most common figures cited were that (as the Toronto Star reported) “with a child poverty rate of 13.3%, Canada ranks 24th out of 35 industrialized nations, behind the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and most of northern Europe” (I’ll call this Measure A); and that by a measure that compares the child poverty rate to the overall poverty rate, “Canada fares somewhat better at 18 out of 35” (I’ll call this Measure B).


#5 — OC | Harper, Tory MPs challenge Kent on climate science, letters reveal

OTTAWA — While scientists and environmentalists criticize him for doing little to fight climate change, Environment Minister Peter Kent also has been questioned by his Conservative party colleagues, including the prime minister, about whether the scientific evidence is real and requires a government response.



#6 — BBC | Diamond Jubilee: River Thames pageant to honour Queen

Final preparations are being made for street parties around the UK and spectators are gathering by the Thames in London as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations reach their peak.


#7 — CNN | Largest wildfire in New Mexico’s history threatens to grow

(CNN) — A record wildfire raged on in southwestern New Mexico on Sunday, belching out a wall of smoke as it devoured thousands of acres and advanced across the rugged wilderness.


#8 — Fox | Syrian president blames outside forces for crisis facing country

BEIRUT –  Syrian President Bashar Assad denied Sunday that his government had anything to do with last week’s gruesome Houla massacre, saying not even “monsters” would carry out such an ugly crime.


#9 — DM | The eight space mysteries science CAN’T solve

Scientists have revealed the eight biggest unanswered questions surrounding our universe.


#10 — Telegraph | Vatican leaks: Why is the Pope’s butler in a cell beneath the fortress?

The murky saga of the leaked Vatican documents has damaged the worldwide image of the Catholic Church, just as it was trying to recover from the paedophile priest scandals, writes Nick Squires.


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  • johndoe124

    Kind of worrying that Kent is quoting from the IPCC to substantiate his AGW dogma. It’s encouraging, though, that there are skeptics within the Conservative caucus.