SILVER LININGS: Reality Comes To Low-Information Voters (1)

Today is payday for lots of Americans, and they’re NOT happy about the Social Security tax holiday ending.

And it’s delicious.

A post at the wacky Democratic Underground…

If you go on Twitter you’ll find lots of stuff like this. The clueless-cool set who voted overwhelmingly for Obama are now wondering how come he said taxes weren’t going to go up on 98 percent of the American people when here’s their first paycheck and taxes went up.

Call it Schadenfreude if you like. It’s a nasty habit. But considering that Obama managed to get himself re-elected despite a record more suited for the guillotine by playing Santa Claus, and considering that the media has rightly cast the fiscal cliff deal as a victory for the president and a loss for the Republicans, there’s a valuable silver lining here.

You can’t blame this on the GOP. Obama owns this.


Afternoon Update:

12:13 pm EST, January 7th, 2012 — Curl: Obama supporters shocked, angry at new tax increases (fun read)

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  • Mary T

    I am surprised those LIVs have jobs. Wonder how many wont have them when hours and staff are cut to avoid obamacare.

  • FredR

    And then there’s this welcome nugget as well:

    Quote: “Moody’s was the first rating agency to comment on the deal: “The rating agency expects that further fiscal measures are likely to be taken in coming months that would result in lower future budget deficits, which are necessary if the negative outlook on the government’s bond rating is to be returned to stable. On the other hand, lack of further deficit reduction measures could affect the rating negatively.”

    Meanwhile, Fitch has said “failure to avoid the Fiscal Cliff and raise the debt ceiling in a timely manner as well as securing agreement on credible deficit reduction would likely result in a rating downgrade in 2013.”

    RBC expects the debt ceiling will be hit on March 1, 2013, when a Social Security payment is due to go out. However, Mr. Porcelli noted when the debt ceiling becomes binding is more uncertain than usual as it will depend in large part on the rate of tax refund distributions.”

    I think Obama will find a very different mind-set in the GOP by March 01. Heh. If he does stonewall and tries to lay the blame onto the GOP, he’ll have an uphill battle convincing Social Security recipients whose only concern will be to get their money NOW.

    • Jack

      Re: “I think Obama will find a very different mind-set in the GOP by March 01.”

      Old saying: “You can fool some of the bears all of the time, and all of the bears some of the time, but you can not fool all of the bears all of the time.”

      Bears start to come out of hibernation in March don’t they? And they’re hungry. Right?

      I’m with the “bears”. It will be a ‘free lunch environment’ they awake to if we have it right. I note I’m partial to bears (especially the big white ones) and I like to see them well fed. I suspect you do also.

      ‘Bears r us!’

      Finally (and truly) — I do not know what to do about “low information voters”. Perhaps they require a big shock and with any luck at all they will learn, although I doubt it. Many of them never bother to read a newspaper or watch TV (never mind the net). Why would anything change? Obama knows that.

      Goodnight all.

  • Jack

    This is the entry I alluded to yesterday in a comment. Joe Curl’s column on the same topic (just added as an update) is priceless. Letterman and friends are going to have a field day with this and the best part is it is just the beginning (video).

    Lot’s more coming (think “Obamacare”). It’s not as if people who couldn’t bother with politics weren’t warned by the people who did pay attention. They were, repeatedly — “ad nauseum”. But they knew better.

    Now they have the government (if it can be called that) they wished for. They own it.

    Call me totally unsympathetic.