Cashill: Digging the Benghazi Memory Hole (14)

With Wednesday’s hearing, Hillary Clinton played her uniquely dramatic role in the one shovel-ready project in Obama’s America — the Benghazi memory hole. She spent the day burying the whole sordid Benghazi mess. Don’t expect the media to exhume it. They have already started chastising those who try.

The reader may think it impossible for Ms. Clinton to forget an incident in which she embraced “the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters” of the Benghazi dead, not to mention “the wives left alone to raise their children.” Indeed, the very memory of this moment caused her to tear up during the hearing.

But this was not her first memory hole, nor even her biggest. On the night of July 17, 1996, she stayed up well past her bedtime to start digging the mother of all memory holes. As her official schedule attests, she and President Clinton attended a gala for the Women’s Leadership Forum of the DNC at the Sheraton Washington Hotel that evening. At 8:35 p.m. she and Bill left the Sheraton by presidential motorcade and headed back to the White House.

At 8:31 p.m., however, a few hundred miles away, two FAA veterans at the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center observed a target arching and intersecting with TWA Flight 800 as it headed east off Long Island’s south shore.


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  • Jack

    Before I go I have to say this. I have never, in my adult life, witnessed a more politically bankrupt US administration than the current one and “Billary” tops the list for her incompetence. She and her husband, worshipped by millions, never utter anything but lies — all the time.

    It is to weep as I compare and note our current government does Canada proud.

    The same cannot be said for the US this day.

    My view: The sooner the US “disappears” the Clinton team the sooner the country will recover. And “yes” — Obama also. He should be impeached, not for who he is. Rather, for how incompetent he is.

    That is a “given”.

    I say this because I’m thinking of the “Sandy” victims and their current circumstances. “Bullshit baffles brains” everytime and today their national media is full of it continuing to try to look good. Fox News disagrees.

    As a “crowd” they disgust me with their lies and “tricks”. Obama and Clinton in particular but there are others.

    “Thinking” — A new “American Revolution” is required. The sooner the better and unless I miss my guess it is a “happening thing” in their immediate future. This mind boggling incompetence will not be tolerated much longer if I know anything at all about the US.

    They don’t like “this stuff”.

    In the days and weeks ahead we’ll see as taxpayer patience wanes (and it is). Simple common sense begins to intrude and the “folks” aren’t happy. A requiem is coming because most US taxpayers like the US “just the way it is” and they are correct.

    You don’t try to fix a situation which isn’t broken and as Reagan proved — it isn’t.


    • Jean

      ” I say this because I’m thinking of the “Sandy” victims “.

      Imagine the stink the Media would be making if this was under the Bush Presidency ! Obama …… sound of crickets no matter how badly he handles just about anything. 😉

      ( Bush was far from perfect and going into Iraq, and not finishing the job in Afghanistan first, was a big strategic and an economic mistake, as well as trying to play ” boy scout ” instead of going in, doing what had to be done, and leaving ).